4 Most Clever Tricks Used When The War Was On


Wars taught us that they are the most vicious things happened to the human race. We have lost millions of human being in various wars around the world in past century. The wars are not sudden incidents, the war is the ultimate reaction to several incidents taken place in the past. Wars are the game of tactics but sometimes tricks work more effectively than tactics.

Here are some of the amazing tricks used during war which will shock you.

US Ghost Army

United State jumped in the second world war very late but US had their men and women on the field as spies. The main reason for this secret deployment was to gather as much information. US Ghost Army had a very clear mission profile, they have to spread rumors and hoaxes about the might of the allied forces.

United States Ghost army was tasked to disguise as Germans and to spread false information. US didn’t recruit soldiers in this army but they recruited models, actors, makeup artists, cameraman and other media professionals. The team with the strength of 1100 people had a single aim, to manipulate the Germans by fake plans and intelligence deliver through prostitutes and bar gossips. Another version of Ghost Army was used by Navies and Armies were using inflatable weapon replica to confuse the enemy.

Another version of Ghost Army was used by Navies and Armies were using inflatable weapon replica to confuse the enemy. Inflatable weapons confuse enemy forces and they use to drop their bombs on dummy targets.

Dummy tank of US Ghost Army
Dummy tank of US Ghost Army

Indian Navy fooled Pakistan during 1971 war

The biggest challenge in front of Pakistani Navy was INS Vikrant, a 16,000-ton giant aircraft carrier with 23 aircrafts on board, guarding the blockade of Chittagong port. When India deployed its ace in the battle, Pakistan launched it’s submarine PNS Ghazi to sink INS Vikrant. The launch of PNS Ghazi was one victory of the game of Indian intelligence to counter the only threat to INS Vikrant.

Indian Navy passed a false intelligence in the Pakistani intelligence network and they knew Pakistan will respond to it. Indian Navy floated a tender for ration, meat, and vegetables at Vishakhapatnam Port. The bait was caught by Pakistani intelligence operative in India and a message was transferred through Pakistan’s intelligence to Pakistan’s navy.

INS Vikrant
INS Vikrant

Indian Navy was successful in deceiving the PNS Ghazi. On 25th November 1971, the Pakistan Navy NHQ communicated with Ghazi that stated, “INTEL indicates carrier in port Visakhapatnam”. But, INS Vikrant was anchored in Port Blair. Some reports claim that INS Rajput was patrolling Vishakhapatnam port and destroyed PNS Ghazi. Some reports say PNS Ghazi went down mysteriously, Pakistan claims it went down due to internal explosions and contact with mines

RAF tricked the Nazi Germans by carrot

Royal Air Force had proceeded towards a very important development. Dog fighters of the Royal Air Force were not able to detect and shot don the enemy plane. RAF developed a very significant radar which can track the planes coming close to the friendlies. The radar technology is very sensitive that’s and British don’t want to reveal it, and they kept it secret.

RAF bomber Avro Lancaster
RAF bomber Avro Lancaster

RAF was sending their fights very effectively and very accurately and the world was shocked by the efficiency and perfect timing of RAF operations. When everyone asked the reason behind it, RAF said that they were eating carrots and carrot is good for eyesight.

Indian hijacked their own airlines

On 30th January 1971, All India Radio announced that one Indian flight had been hijacked. Hashim Qureshi hijacked the flight and took it to Lahore. In the negotiation, he wanted to release 36 jailed members of JKNLF of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (POK). Qureshi, along with his cousin Ashraf Qureshi hijacked the Srinagar- Jammu bound Ganga aircraft on 30th January 1971 to Lahore.

The Indian Passengers were welcomed in Pakistan very warmly and they all were returned to home very soon. Qureshi brothers were welcomed as heroes in Pakistan, and the plane was wrecked. After three months of this incident, India reacted by banning all Pakistani flights from the Indian Air Space.

Hashim Qureshi and Ashraf Qureshi, poping out from the window of hijacked Ganga
Hashim Qureshi and Ashraf Qureshi, poping out from the window of hijacked Ganga

After sometime, Pakistani agencies got information that the plane was hijacked was retired months but re-inducted few days before the hijack. Pakistani intelligence now understood that Indians fooled them and this was all set up to stop Pakistan using Indian Air Space. Later, both the Qureshi brothers were sent to prison for working as spies of India.

Pakistani officer posing infront of wrecked Ganga Aircraft
Pakistani officer posing infront of wrecked Ganga Aircraft




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