Bangladeshis Are Killing Pakistanis In Huge Numbers in Heroes of 71

Cover pic of Heroes of 71
Cover pic of Heroes of 71
Bangladeshis are killing Pakistani in huge number here!
Bangladeshis are finally taking the revenge of atrocities they have faced during 1970s. Pakistani had two part that time, West Pakistan who is currently Pakistan and Bangladesh who was known as East Pakistan. When the war broke out after the intervention of India, Pakistan was divided into two parts and Bangladesh was born and it was a huge victory of Indian intelligence and armed forces. They never forget the roads with blood and murders of their loved ones, they can’t kill the Pakistanis in the real that’s why they are smashing them in virtual.

‘Heroes of 71’ is a game available on play store, in which the player is a Bangladeshi rebel and the enemies are Pakistan. The player has to collect as much point as he/she can by killing Pakistani soldiers. The game has got very viral in the Bangladesh it has 1 million downloads and half of the population belongs to Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizens are enjoying killing the murderers of their forefathers.

Cover pic of Heroes of 71
Cover pic of Heroes of 71
Bangladesh is progressing faster than Pakistan and touching points which can bring back the prosperity in the nation. They gained independence just 46 years ago and they have more exports and a larger Forex Pool($33 billion approx) compared to Pakistan. It took 70 years to gather $22 billion dollars. Half of which the Pakis have got via aid, Bangladeshi economy is gaining pace. They are on the way to become one of the important economic player in the Southern Asia.
Portbliss,the developers of the game, told TOI in January last year that “a gameplay cannot portray a liberation war properly”. Yet, the developers visited the National Liberation War Museum in Dhaka and drew on their research. They shaped both the story line and the assets of the game. The stories are drawn from real narratives of those who fought in 1971 and the developers made 3-D models from sketches of everything from uniforms to weapons.




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