Breaking News: BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav Dismissed


BSF has dismissed Tej Bahadur Yadav who had a complaint about the poor quality of the food. Tej Bahadur court-martialed due to recording a series of video on his mobile phone showing the quality of the food served to the jawans on the forward post at the border.

BSF Officials said Tej Bahadur was dismissed by the BSF on the basis of a report of Staff Court Of Inquire (SCoI).  A senior official said,  “The action of dismissal of the jawan has been taken under the Border Security Act that us applicable to all the personnel serving in the paramilitary force. Tej Bahadur has been found guilty on several charges including uploading the said video in violation of laid down procedures and rules. He still has an option to appeal against the verdict withing three month time.”

BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur appealed for voluntary retirement but BSF rejected his request.

The charges specifically against him were:

  • An act pre-judicial to good order and discipline of the force in which he made false allegations on social media regarding the quality of food and did not adhere to the formal grievance redressal mechanism of the force.
  • Neglect to obey general orders of the force in which he carried two mobile phones while on operational duty against the SOP and also posted photographs in uniform on social media in contravention of instructions.

Yadav took social media by storm by uploading series of videos showing the bad quality of the food being served by the BSF. The video went extremely viral on social media and also become the topic of debate at national media.

Several Petition were lodged seeking the Security organization stands on sub-standard quality food being served to the security forces personnel. BSF assured investigation and proper action in this case. He was also rumored dead few days back, the hoax was spread by Pakistani media.




  1. Hello Defence Lovers.
    I don’t know whether the allegations put on the senior officials by Mr. Tej Bahadur Yadav are true, neither I do know whether his dismissal with some baseless reasons is right or wrong. But I believe that the video by Mr. Yadav has at least something true in it. Instead of serving the frontiers with proper and mandatory facilities which they are obviously eligible of, the dismissal of a soldier is somewhere very disappointing for me. They are the ones who have kept us safe without thinking about their own life.
    Don’t they have their family, their wife and children, their own life, ??? They could have chosen some other profession too. But apart from everything they choose to guard us and sarve the nation. and what they are getting in return shows the video very well.
    The ministers and all those senior officials , who don’t even step out of their door without their security, need to think and take better care of the soldiers . The food needed to be investigated nstead of investigating A WHISTLE BLOWER…..

    Thanks and Regards
    A Defence Lover.

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