Indian Air Force Can Reach Pakistan Within Minutes By This Airbase

Farkhor Air Base
Farkhor Air Base

India is an emerging military power in the world, under the guidance of Honourable Prime Miniter Narendra Modi. India is presenting a great mix of diplomacy and destruction at the same time. Indian Armed Forces are not hesitating to give a befitting reply to the enemies of the state, if necessary. A surgical strike was a reply for an attack they did on our brave soldiers. It’s time we make our country’s diplomacy so strong that whatever we want, should be in reach.

To the armed forces, it’s always the best of friends and worst of enemies, that visit us. India is taking care of its allies since a very long time and proved to be a very loyal friend. A few of them became diplomatic relations and then strategic relationship.

When Afghanistan’s war with Taliban was at the peak and the bloodshed was happening, India responded to it’s old friend and offered help to Afghan Northern Alliance. It is a Guerrilla force of Afghan Army, which was fighting a very hard battle. There were many casualties at the war. The Afghan Army was also suffering shortage of ammunition. India decided to help Afghanistan by supplying medical care and other required things to fight the war.

India was not able to supply the ammunition through Pakistan.That’s when India’s premier intelligence agency, R&AW(Research & Analysis Wing) started negotiating with Tajikistan government. R&AW was in talks with Tajikistan government to use Farkhor Air Base to deliver military supply. India also offered help to service their helicopters and gather intelligence.

R&AW become operational on the Farkhor Air Base but it was in a very hopeless condition, On negotiation, the Tajikistan government was ready to develop the airbase. Indian government issued $10 million tender to renovate the air base. A private contractor signed the contract but defaulted in mid-time. Later, the Border Road Organisation signed up for the job and complete the job without any difficulty.

Pic for representation
Pic for representation

Pakistan reacted to the situation and declared it a hostile move of the India. General Parvez Musharraf commented on the development that “Farkhor air base of India is a real concern, Indian planes would be able to reach Pakistan within minutes using the air base”.

Pic for representation
Pic for representation

Pakistan was terrified by strategically, a strong move of India. Pakistan’s worries are justified. India’s two advanced fighter aircrafts operates from the base. Indian Air Force has deployed Mig-29 and Su-30MKi on the Farkhor Air Base. Farkhor is the only overseas base of IAF. Farkhor will play a very crucial role as an overseas air force base of India to counter any aggression of Pakistan and China against India.

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