These 10 Heart-touching photos of Indian Army saving Kashmiris will give you Goosebumps.


We are proud of Indian Army. They are a shield to India. In spite of facing problems from some separatist kashmiris, Indian army is doing everything they can do to protect them. These things aren’t happening for the first time and surely this isn’t the last time that Army will protect us. Whatever i say about army it will be an understatement. We Salute them for their supreme courage. These pictures were posted on Indian Army Facebook Page. I Salute all the brave soldiers.

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Armed forces personnel offload relief material from an aircraft to distribute to flood affected people, at the airport in Srinagar. Nitin Kanotra/Hindustan Times

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Army soldier saving baby. courtesy-  Hindustan Times
Indian Soldier in plain clothes carry Kashmiri civilians as they evacuate them from a flooded neighborhood in Srinagar.
The bridge is just made. Salute this soldiers.
The bridge is just made. Salute this soldiers.
Holding the women on shoulders. how many women have you helped?
Holding the women on shoulders. how many women have you helped?

Indian Army deserve respect, they deserve love, they deserve to be appreciated. Make sure you share these supremely courageous photos with everyone. If you like this, you will love my facebook, you can add me here. For every defense news, feel free to follow!




  1. i love my indian armies and we pray to god that the army protect the jammu…………………..
    i love india
    i love armies
    jai hind

  2. Where are those separatists whose security costs us hundreds of crore rupees? It is our Indian Army brave personals who without caring for there life are saving stranded people of J $K.
    Where would we be without these people who live for us and sacrifice their life for us.
    Salute to my heros of Indian Army.


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