INS Varsha, The Secret Base Of Indian Navy and Nightmare for China


INS Varsha, the top secret project of Indian Navy whose details came like a storm on the internet, INS Varsha is the Indian response to Chinese Yulin Naval Base. China has developed Yulin Naval Base for it’s nuclear submarine fleet. Yulin Naval Base is no doubt one of the most advance and highly capable submarine base. According to reconnaissance satellite data, the base can harbour around 20 nuclear submarines as well as other vessels including the aircraft carrier.

Vishakhapatnam Port- source

INS Varsha will be much bigger in size than Vishakhapatnam Port, which is currently used by both the navy and civilian vessels which come under Ministry of Shipping. INS Varsha is the result of Indian Navy’s rapid modernization program. In 2006, the eastern fleet of Indian Navy had 15 major warships. By 2012, the fleet consisted of 50 major warships and was expanding at very fast speed. INS Varsha will have space to harbor 8-12 nuclear submarine as well as attack submarine. INS Varsha will be a full underground and underwater submarine harbor, it will also have a large Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Facility with modern nuclear engineering support facilities.

Picture just for representation only.
Picture just for representation only.

INS Varsha was the part of Indian Navy’s plan and an element in its Look East Policy and will serve as the major pain for any Chinese move near water of India’s interest.India has previously surprised its enemies with its¬†secret developments.

INS Varsha seems like a very ambitious project cause because there were many major changes which were observed, just to make the base operational. In late 2009, a shipping giant who comes under Ministry of Shipping to Ministry of Defence, Hindustan Shipyard Limited faced this fate because MOD chose them to support the construction of Arihant-Class nuclear submarine construction program. The new vessels of Arihant class will call INS Varsha their home.

INS Varsha will also have VLF(Very Low Frequency) communication system, which is used to communicate with submarines near the surface, it is possible that the base will also have ELF(Extremely Low Frequenc) which is used to communicate mainly with the deeply submerged submarine.

INS Varsha shares a pretty decent location than its Chinese counterpart, it is located in remote locations. Remote location helps to identify suspicious spying activities whereas Yulin Naval Base is only a few miles from the city of Sanya, a popular tourist destination and the site of major planned cruise hub. Yulin Naval Base is just next to the Yolong Bay National Resort District featuring resorts hotels, which make the base vulnerable against anti-spying activities.

Picture just for representation only.
Picture just for representation only.

Disclaimer- This was the information in public domain and was once secret at a time. We haven’t disclosed anything related to national security.




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