The Latest Video of INS Vikramaditya Is Just Way Too Awesome!


INS Vikramaditya is not just an Indian aircraft class carrier but is also our pride. We hope that you will love this video made by Spunky Warriors. INS Vikramaditya is an important part of Indian Navy.

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  1. Sadly! Obviously! This video was not made by Indian authorities as far as I can see! We do not do such interesting things! I didnt see Indian flag in this video!

    We love to appreciate such things done by others and adopt them like they are our own, but we do not have the will or the sensibility to allow us to do such things ourselves!

    Nevertheless, it is a good morale boosting video! We need atleast 3 more aircraft carriers.
    Too bad it wasnt actually made by us Indians!

  2. Well…some guys don’t hv d balls to do nythin in der life. So, ol dat they can do is, give some sort of bullshit, on smthing, of which they know nothing…
    Gud post raghav.
    I’ve been on d ship…it is OSM.

  3. This video was made when Russian test pilots were conducting trials before the ship was formally handed over to India.

  4. Are you talking about yourself asshole?

    What I am saying is that we need to do lot more of such ‘things’ and ourselves! I was making my point but cunts like you dont get em straight and end up with your rude-nonsensical responses.

    THE SHIP IS ‘OSM’ but it is still not made in India. I want India to be self-sufficient and make such ships ourselves! How old is this ship? Do u know?


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