Navy Seal Team 6 Is Training For A Strike In A Submarine Nearing North Korea


In the recent news from the Korean theater, news agencies are talking about spotting US Navy Submarine. Spotting a US Navy vessel shouldn’t be a big deal according to the current condition of the region. The interesting thing about this submarine is this is United States Navy’s special submarine of the mighty Seventh Fleet. USS Michigan joined the fleet to support the presence of aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

USS Michigan is a nuclear powered guided missile submarine. The submarine presence can surely be very critical but this submarine is not a normal one. USS Michigan has a special attachment called ASDS or Advance SEALS Deployment System, ASDS help to deploy United State’s elite special operators while the submarine is submerged. These capabilities can give enormous advantage to the US and other friendly force present in Korean Peninsula.

USS Michigan with ASDS
USS Michigan with ASDS

Who are United States Navy Seals?

United States Navy Seals are one of the best special operation forces in the world. They are the very legendary unit who took out world’s most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden. They are considered as one of the best in special operations and respected worldwide for their operational history and their work. SEALs do many type of missions or almost any type of missions. Be it covert surprise raids, Hostage rescue, HVT (High Value Target) execution, asymmetric warfare you name it and they can do it.

US Navy Seals
US Navy Seals

The presence of USS Michigan in the Korean peninsula also raise questions of the deployment of the elite US Navy seals. SEALs can really turn the tides of the war, through their skills and operation they can inflict heavy damage to North Koreans even without being detected.

In March, the Pentagon told Business Insider that the US does not train for decapitation strikes of any kind, but would not confirm or deny the presence of the the navy seals in Korea.