RAW and Mossad: How Two Intelligence Agencies Work Together

Raw and Mossad

RAW and Mossad

It was 1950s when India allowed Israel to make a Consulate in Mumbai. There was no diplomatic Relationship because India supported Palestinian Cause.

R.N Kao, the legendary spy master who was founder of RAW, India’s Foreign Intelligence took on his shoulders developing silent diplomacy with Mossad. As a recent novel revealed that Special Arms from Tel Aviv were supplied to Mukti Bahani. Israel,indeed helped India in 1971 war.

During 1971 ,Pakistan’s Foreign Minister visited North Korea which was threat to India. Israel had a fear that Pakistani Army officers are training Libyans and Iranians in handling Korean and Chinese Weapons.

Now, a mistake done in India is harmful to our agents anywhere in the world. Grave mistake happened when Morarji Desai then PM in 1977 called Zia Ul Haq, Pakistani Military Dictator and told him “General , I know what you are upto in Kahuta. RAW has given me all the details. And Pakistan wanted to keep Kahuta ,their Nuclear Capability a secret. In a hurry, Zia Ul Haq checked all his network and our RAW agents lost their lives.

In 1967, at Nepal Gen Moshe Dayan, the Warrior of Israel in Israeli-Arab war visited Nepal and he was expected to Indian Representatives. Islamabad feared this meeting was some joint Operation by RAW and Mossad to destroy their Kahuta dream.

Israel bombed the Iraq’s Nuclear Reactor in 1981, Islamabad too had same worries. Hence, in 1981, ISI planted surface to air missilies in Kahuta, they thought that Israel and India will strike anytime soon.

On the other hand , Israel is confidant of US felt nothing for Kahuta,as they feared Iraq and other Arab countries’  Nuclear programs.

In early 1990s, Israeli students starting visiting Kashmir, ISI feared that they were from Israeli Defence Forces who came to counter terrorists in Kashmir. Pakistan in desperation, did a terrorist attack and one Israeli was killed and one was kidnapped.  The killing of Israeli by terrorists shook Israel and Jews living in USA.

This led to embassy level relations between India and Israel in 1992. Everyone was startled when Israeli Ambassador Mark Sofer said in an interview that Israel helped India in turning around the situation in Kargil War. Israel helped Indian Army by providing the much needed imagery of Pakistani army positions. ‘We do have a defence relationship with India, which is no secret. What is secret is what the defence relationship is? And with all due respect, the secret part will remain secret.” said Mark Sofer in an interview to Outlook Magazine.

Israel is the second biggest seller of weapons to India after big brother Russia.




  1. If our Politicians will be Active and they will be Patriots…Now there is No Nuclear in Pakistan ..also during our Nuke test Israeli Lobbied US to ease the Sanctions

  2. super idiots politicians……in kutton ko sirf apni pdi rehti aur desh ke jawano ki bhi parwah Nhi jinki wajah se hi ye safe baithkar apni jebain bharte rehte hain……
    ek idiot ki wajah se kitne kabil agent mare gaye…..

  3. That is a safe house of MOSSAD …..MOSSAD has number of Sayanims in Mumbai, Goa & Kolkata they are the strong information source around the world for Mossad….. Kasab been instructed by ISI to strike them…. this will satisfy their Arab friends… will get diplomatic support globally for anti-Indian movement…. If RAW can en-cash that opportunity from MOSSAD …. MOSSAD is much more aggressive player globally than RAW in counter-espionage.

  4. Stop thinking like school boys …. don’t under estimate ISI and their allied CSIS . In past they put us in trouble for several time … they are very efficient & well equipped. …… Only MOSSAD can help us. because in Africa MOSSAD gave a bad jolt to CSIS killed their several field officer brutally in 80s. And broke their drug trafficking racket through out Africa which was their fund raising process.. made CSIS to bock down and negotiate….

  5. I am having a serious allegation against RAW for their non aggressive way of action…. If Mossad can kill any threat for Israel in foreign soil , why RAW couldn’t able to kill Dr.Abdul Khan , the master-mind of Pakisthani Nuclear project.

  6. really hats off to mossad for their aggression ,the ways they kill their enemies in foreign soil. but in india these bloody politicians even don’t care for precious life of our soldiers.

  7. Hmmm … We’ll perhaps what I will say is going to disappoint the Israeli bootlickers or perhaps the moderator will not publish this comment. First of all israel is an enemy of india. It is an agency accused in some places of india for setting up bases in india with their Judaism mask. It is clear that 26/11 was caused by a mossad CIA conspiracy backed by RAW. OUR politicians are Israeli bootlickers. Each and every defence deal involves huge commissions taken by our army generals. And israel gets to supply all arms to india. My friends as an indian I would like to say that our country is for sale by our petty politicians. We are poor nation with half of the popln below poverty line. I think we will throughout remain a slave nation but just because of our political system. Israel is India’s no 1 enemy. They use india to fight pakistan . The occupation and torture I kashrut is because of the MOSSAD and RAW is supporting them .

  8. We always trust Israel and Russia, the main big brother to us was Russia never ever forget their contribution to our country

  9. My question is..

    Why RAW & our other agencies or our soldiers, who are fighting on borders would not be able to take their work from own. Means Why they have to make themselves as a toy of politicians. I means agr koi politician khe ki aisa kro to krna… vrna nhi….jaisa hmare great Moraji Desai g ne kra tha….these all are corrupted.

    In bustard politicians ki vjah se hmare na jane kitne agents mare jate hai….or ye sb isliye hota hai….Qki in sb se inki pockets gram hoti hai

    So I am asking agian to our countries people….when this corruption will stoped…
    And if this procedure will be continued….. India will never be a powerfull country…

    Dosto Bharat phele b gulam tha…or aaj b gulam hai….
    Bsphele angrejo ka tha…or ab netaoo ka…

    . jai hind

  10. you are a rough, who is minority, to upheld u r good deeds of so called jihad, just want to create a new story which is utterbullshit, but i should appricate for u r beautiful plot for hollywood movie grt going anonymous


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