10 Amazing Reasons Why A Military Brat Is Better Traveller Than You


Living the life of a soldier is not easy and not only for the man who is serving the nation but also for his family. They move from one place to another in course of their duty. Their families also change places, schools, colleges, and everything along with them. They are always ready with their ‘trunk’ to shift to a new place and that generates a spirit of travelers in them. By default, they started being called travelers.

The fauji kids are always being the most amazing travelers and don’t get offended but they become a better traveler than you.

So, let’s know why the fauji kids are better travelers than you:


1. They relate to many places:

Whenever a fauji kid is asked ‘Where are you from’, the answer will definitely give you a smile after knowing the names of multiple places as they belong to different places and it makes them a natural traveler.

2. They enjoy nomadic life:

The family of a fauji is always ready with their trunk as they move from one place to another during the period of service. Making new friends, comforting with new neighbors, learning local languages make them sick of traveling but once they find it not-a-big-deal, they start enjoying the nomadic life.

3. They interact with strangers easily and quickly:

Due to traveling a lot, they become master in making new friends. So, finding friends in strangers, becoming buddies of strangers are automatically build up in them.


4. They are familiar with the word ‘Traveler’, not ‘Tourist’:

The fauji kids wander here and there most of the time. Meeting new people, enjoying festive with them, dancing alongside them, enjoying local foods with them make them , not a tourist as they can’t just go to a place and click selfies.

5. They know how to pack the entire world in a suitcase:

Packing and unpacking while shifting houses don’t bother them. Whenever their moms ask them to pack their bags, they know how to put everything in a suitcase without regretting to miss anything.

6. For them, the word ‘Home’ has a vast meaning:

They find their home even in tents. Unlike other travelers, for them traveling is leaving home and going far. But to them, traveling is going far and finding a home. So, even living in tents are comfortable.


7. They learn all surviving skills to face any harsh situation:

To learn driving, riding bikes, climbing, swimming, shooting etc. are mandatory as they travel to a new place every time and it can be enough hard for them to survive a new place. So, these surviving skills make them a champion in every field.

8. They just know adapting:

They are always ready to adapt the surrounding rather than complaining. With their surviving skills, they become a pro to live in the trickiest of terrain or the driest of deserts. It makes them a better traveler than us.

9. Local language never is a hurdle for them:

Changing places, changing schools gift them all new surroundings with new local languages. But, fauji kids become a master in learning new languages and never allow any language to become a hurdle in their journey of life.

10. They amaze with people who wake up to the same view every morning:

For the fauji kids, a morning after a few years bring an entirely new view. This builds up a spirit of a traveler in them and this is the reason why there are better travelers than us.

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