10 Awesome Reasons Sailors Are A Perfect Match


I write this keeping in mind that all of these traits will definitely be found in a ‘real’ sailor and not in somebody who has never been able to understand the true essence of sailing; as the journey through life is the same as sailing the high seas. They are trained for life-threatening situations not only by seasoned sea dogs but also by mother nature, solitude and tough working conditions.

They work on gigantic steel vessels, maintaining massive engines, navigating in close-quarter situations, pulling heavy ropes and facing extreme temperatures, I have not used any particular gender to mention the admirable traits.


Here are the reasons why she should definitely marry a sailor:

1. A sailor will clean your home with you. From mopping the floor, washing the car, bathing the kids and pets and also doing the dishes! There are no maids or mothers on board, so sailors have to do all their personal chores and clean up their own mess.

2. A sailor will fix almost anything that gets faulty. From squeaking doors to clogged drains and damaged toilet-flush to jammed juicers. They develop an eye for fixing things immediately.


3. A sailor takes proper safety precautions at home and outdoors with the family. Be it crossing the road, driving, climbing ladders, using machinery and so on. ‘Safety First’ is the motto of every ship and this gets embedded in everything they do.

4. A sailor is always on time. Punctuality at their workplaces is the reason people on land get their stuff delivered on time and rescue ships save the lives of all those in danger. That is the reason a sailor will never make you wait as being ahead of time is their second nature.


5. A sailor can fight fires. Being trained in fire fighting even before they join their ships, they are efficient at fighting fires. From electrical to oil fires, they are quick at reaching the extinguisher to restrict and eventually extinguish the fire.

6. A sailor can give first aid treatment in an emergency. They are trained in basic medical first aid as there are no doctors on most of the ships. Performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) or saving a person affected by hypothermia, they remain calm and act when it comes to saving lives.


7. A sailor can paint your home. Maintaining rusting steel ships, mixing different types of paints and painting using rollers and brushes makes them fast and efficient painters. Painting the walls of your home together can be a great experience and saves cost.

8. A sailor is not shy of doing any kind of work. They inculcate the dignity of labour right from the time they join their ships and practice it even when they are on vacation. Helping their spouse in menial jobs at home or doing odd jobs that most people consider to be beneath their dignity, sailors do them all!

9. A sailor wears the uniform. The navy uniform is one of the most coveted uniforms and very few get the privilege of wearing it. Those epaulettes which adorn their shoulders leaves everyone admiring if not jealous.

10. The most important point is that a sailor will stick with you through thick and thin, in all those moments of celebration and also those of mourning. As I mentioned earlier, the journey through life is like sailing over the high seas and a sailor knows how to sail the ship through calm waters and even the most violent storm.

Although the above points may be applicable only on a ‘real’ sailor as all generalisations in this world are false, there is one trait that is common in every seafarer. Sailors stay away from family for months at a time with only blue above and below. They know the true value of being away from their loved ones and will try to make every moment count when they are with you.