12 Amazing Facts About The Indian Army That You Should Know


Indian Army among the three wings Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army of India’s Armed Forces is the largest component. They secure the border, prevents the terrorists, guards the surrounding area of the border, save the civilian from attacks, initiate the operations to rescue people and above all they sacrifice their life in protecting the nation. With the excellent service of Indian Army, India is still maintaining the status quo loud and proud. We civilians are so selfish that we do not thank them to secure our lives.

As we know, Indian Army is the third largest Armed Forces and is one of the strongest fighting forces in the world. But there are many hidden facts about Indian Army that we do not know and we must. These facts will increase the respect for Indian Army.

1. The Siachen Glacier, world’s highest battlefield which is at 5000 metres above the mean sea level is guarded by the Indian Army.
 2. The Indian Army names the World Record for accepting the largest military surrender when Pakistan Army of 93,000 soldiers surrendered in 1971 Indo-Pak war.
3. The Indian Army Is the World’s Biggest Voluntary Army which means the forced recruitment is not practised in the Indian Army. There is such provision in the Constitution of India but never executed.
4. The Gurkha Regiment of Indian Army was desired by Adolf Hitler. As he believed that if he has Gurkha Regiment, his army can conquer Germany.


5. Indian Military Academy of Dehradun and Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School of Mizoram trains the foreign armies of the UK, US and Russia.
7. Indian Army never initiated war with any country or involved in any kind of military   coup.
8. Indian Army faced only two casualties in the Battle of Longewala fought between India and Pakistan in the year 1971 on which the film Border was made.
9. President’s Bodyguard that was set up in the year 1773 is the oldest regiment in the Indian Army. The soldiers of President’s Bodyguard gets trained as Paratroopers.
10. Indian Army carried out the one of the biggest civilian rescue operation ‘Operation Rahat’ in the year 2013 with the help of Indian Air Force.
Bailey Bridge
11. In August 1982, Indian Army built the world’s highest bridge ‘The Bailey Bridge’ in Ladakh valley between Suru and Dras rivers.
 12. The youngest Indian sepoy Kamal Ram at the age of 19 received the highest award of United Kingdom ‘Victoria’s Cross’ for his valour after World War 2.
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