12 Surprising Facts About The Secret Service Which Secures American President


The United States Secret Service has always been showcased with a sense of astute and the best of our knowledge about this mysterious organization and its people are gathered from Hollywood movies. While we can imagine the agents wearing Black tuxedo, stainless sunglasses, gelled hairdo and earpieces, driving around in luxury cars, to our surprise they are called ‘secret agents’ for a reason and its absolutely not easy to spot them in real life.

The secret service basically works on two kinds of mission- Investigative Mission and Protective Mission.

Here is little more unveiling of the secrets of this mysterious organization and its working.

1. They guard other people beside Presidents.

Apart from the current President and their family, the Secret Service also guards their guests, former Presidents and their families and anyone who the President wants to be protected.

2. It was not meant to be created for protecting the President.

The main purpose of the creation of the Secret Service was to cope with counterfeiters and financial frauds which it still deals with.

3. They are more than we think.

There are around 6,500 elite agents along with the Personal Protection Unit.

4.No oath to die for their President.

The agents don’t swear to die for their President. If an agent sacrifices his life saving the President, it’s completely voluntary. Leslie Coffelt was the only secret service officer in history who died defending his President Harry Truman.

5. There is a sequence in challenges.

They initially have to do desk job for 3 years which can last for 4-7 years if they want to qualify for challenging field mission later. The last phase either gets the agent promoted or back to office.

6. Practice with bullets, water and everything possible.

The Secret Service, before any crucial mission, rehearses all kinds of possible threatening eventualities and go through a skill development course in every 8 weeks.

7. Skilled with first aid, equipped with blood.

Every agent is skilled with basic medical knowledge keeping their calm in a critical situation. They always carry extra blood for the President to avoid chances. President’s routes are always planned having a hospital nearby.

8. Code names of Presidents.

Presidents and their family are given code names with same letter.  Like, Barack Obama was Renegade, his wife was Renaissance, and their daughters were Radiance and Rosebud.

9. Motion sensors in Oval Office.

If the President wants to stay alone in the Oval Office without agents, they can still trace any moments and potential threats with the sensors in the floor.

10. Wherever the President goes, they follow.

The rule of not leaving President alone at any point of time makes the agents follow every activity or hobby the Presidents is being part of. They even accompany the President to a doctor.

11. Secret Headquarters.

It is located in Washington and building is situated on a street name: H Street, without any identification.

12. Abraham Lincoln connection.

Hugh McCulloch, the secretary of the treasury suggested the idea of establishing the Secret Service on April 14, 1865, the same day Lincoln was shot dead.