5 Creepy Stories of the World Wars



War is never a good deed but there have been instances during the World Wars in the past century where human beings have crossed certain boundaries that would put even the Devil to shame.

1.Nazi Baby Factories

Lebensborn Children
Lebensborn Children

Hitler’s fascination with blue eyes and blonde hair is well known. This affection manifested itself in a variety of forms, most notable among all has to be the ‘Final solution’ that gave the world Gas Chambers and Holocaust.

However, few people know about some of the strange atrocities Hitler authorized to further his aim of making the Aryan race dominant in the world.

A huge number of babies were taken into large mansions and luxurious villas to be brought up as true Aryans. This program was christened ‘Lebensborn’ by Hitler.

Initially soldiers were told to mix with the local communities of the occupied territories such as Poland. This resulted in a large number of Polish women getting pregnant with German babies. Both mother and children were then transferred to massive facilities to live an Aryan life.

This method was slow and took quite some while. Nazi Soldiers then resorted to kidnapping and forcibly taking away most Aryan looking babies from their parents in occupied territories.

2.The Massacre at Nagyrev

Nagyrev Massacre World Wars
Victims of the massacre

In a town called Nagyrev, located in Hungary, a string of mysterious murders took place during the First World War.

During the war, some women started having flings with the allied Prisoner of Wars and had to seek the help of a midwife to put an end to the entire matter. Her influence grew and she encouraged the people of the town to settle their scores between each other by using a deadly arsenic potion.

This resulted in a large number of deaths in the town mostly women and children. Some of the soldiers who survived the war came back to their wives only to get poisoned by them.

3. US Soldiers treating Dead Japanese soldiers as Trophies

Dead Japanese Soldiers Trophies
US Soldiers treating dead Japanese soldiers as trophies

The United States Armed Forces recruited soldiers for the Second World War by calling the campaign ‘Japanese hunting’ hence implying that the Japanese were beasts that needed to be hunted.

This along with the intensity of the war meant that soldiers lost their mental composure after killing the Japanese. Some of them started taking Japanese soldier’s body parts as trophies. Ears started appearing on belts and many soldiers were seen wearing necklaces made out of Japanese soldiers’ teeth.

It did not stop at there. A few soldiers started mailing the skulls and body parts as trophies.

4.Irma Grese : Psychopath of Auschwitz

Irma Grese Auschwitz
Irma Grese and Josef Kramer in prison in Celle in August 1945

Irma Grese is a person who can be considered the human incarnation of the devil. Very few people knew that she was a twisted psychopath. She got pleasure by torturing and beating people severely in various ways. She was hanged at the tender age of 22.

She would carry two hungry dogs with her at all time. She would beat people with her custom-made belt that had pointy studs on it. She would slash women with knives.

5. Cannibal Japanese Army

During the Second World War, American airplanes were shot down over the Japanese island of Chichi-Jima. Shortly after that, a dinner party was held to honor Japanese Imperial Navy officers and the attendees were offered a new type of steak.

This steak came from the bodies of one of the executed American Prisoner of Wars. After the incident, a large number of Japanese Army officials and soldiers started cannibalizing on allied soldiers.

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