7 Mindblowing War Strategies used in Indian History to Destroy the Enemy


India had to go through many struggles to own our land. Soldiers and King had sacrificed their family and life for India. Definitely, we did not have that much technology that time but we can thank the masterminds who had their own techniques against enemies that helped to win the even impossible battles.

Check out these techniques here:

1. South Indians role in 1971 war to confuse Pakistanis:

To put Pakistanis in dilemma during the war of 1971 and to not let them understand the code by using superior code-breaking equipment, the Indian army deployed South Indian signal staff. The staff used such languages that Pakistanis did not understand.

2. Tiny doors inside forts:

Rajasthan has so many forts and many small gates were constructed in the forts. At the time of the battle it would help our soldiers to chop the heads of opposition when they will bend their heads to get in these small gates.

3. Elephant costumes for horses:

Maharana Pratap used a tactic to fool attackers during the time of Battle of Haldi Ghati. They made her horses looked like an elephant by costumes so that opposition’s elephant refused to attack them thinking they were baby elephants.

4. Torching bulls to scare enemies:

Maratha king Shivaji first used torching bulls to scare enemies. He tied burning torches to the horns of bulls and freed them in the night. The army of bulls gave the appearance of a large army. Shivaji used the strategy against Shahistekhan’s (Aurangzeb’s uncle) army.

5. When Indian Navy spoke Russian, not Hindi or English:

During Operation Trident, the Indian Navy carried out communications with the HQ and the IAF in the Russian language to fool Pakistani Navy. The trick was used by the crew onboard of the missile destroyer INS Nirghat, INS Nipat and INS Veer. They communicated in Russian so that the enemy could not trace the movements by the Indian Navy. The Indian Navy used the same trick in Operation Python.

6. The rocket artillery used by Indian rulers:

During the 18th century, Mysore ruler Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan used iron-cased rockets for military purposes. Moreover, a military manual Fathul Mujahiddin was also written by Tipu Sultan. It was a pioneering book in the field of rocket artillery.

7. The Maratha Warriors used the trick of attacking in groups:

Muslim Kingdoms of Bijapur and Qutub Shahi with their large number of army attacked Marathas in the 17th century. Marathas knew that the enemy has little knowledge of the geographical layout of the Western Ghats and the Deccan Plateau. So, to deal with the huge army, Maratha used a trick of attacking from mountains from different locations in small groups that made the enemies look like a large group of soldiers are attacking them.