8 Reasons Why Indian Air Force Is The Best


The Indian Air Force (IAF) is one of the three Indian armed forces, other two being The Army and The Navy. The IAF’s personnel and aircraft assets secure fourth place amongst the air forces of the world. Though all Armed Forces go neck to neck when it comes to passion, profession and pride, but there is still something charismatic about the Indian Air force.

IAF always gives an image of full-fledged well-groomed gentlemen for whom the sky is the limit and sometimes not even the sky, literally.

Here are a few things you must know about the country’s class force, the IAF, which will give you a pumped up chest with pride.

1. IAF assets

It has an estimated 1,380 aircraft and the figure includes around 156 transport helicopters, 33 attack helicopters, 700 fighters, 6 aerial refueling tanker aircraft, 133 transport aircraft, 158 trainer aircraft, about 155 utility helicopters, and 265 Fighter Aircraft.

2. Garud Commando Force, IAF’s Special.

The Special Forces of India works under the Indian military for special operations. Garud is a special unit of IAF which primarily protects IAF installations from terrorists attack.

Garud trainees have to undergo the longest training course among all the Indian Special Forces which is 72-weeks. Some advance Garud units are training like both Army Para commandos and Naval MARCOS as well for intense missions.

3. Biggest Rescue.

Operation Rahat was the biggest civilian rescue operation in the world. IAF evacuated flood victims in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh with helicopters in 2013 airlifting a total of 19600 people. Recent J&K floods also witnessed similar act.

4. Bigger and Better.

The IAF ranks at Number 4 amongst the largest air forces in the world, just behind USA, Russia and China. There are about 127,000 personnel in the air force who all are best trained in the world.

5. The Youth Connect

The Indian Air Force is connecting with the youth of the country to encourage them into joining the pride. IAF launched a 3D mobile game ‘Guardians of the Skies’ which gives a glimpse of what may awaits the youth.

6. War Time

In World War II, the Japanese army was stopped in Burma and was later carried out strike against, by IAF in Thailand. Similarly, during Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, the IAF maintained an upper hand over Pakistani forces in the air.

7. Tri-colour painted in the Sky

Indian Air Force’s Aerobatics demonstration team Surya Kiran is the team behind the super cool visual of Tri-colour painted in the sky at the end of our Republic Day Parade which is done with the help of jets. Surya Kiran also represents India at the International Aerospace Shows.

8. Deadly Strength

Indian Air Force

IAF was one of the few air forces to have used Soviet aircraft leaving major impacts during the Cold War and succeeded with great margin over Pakistan. The combination of Soviet technology with a British system of management and skills prepared it against Pakistan’s western aircraft.