A Much Deadly Nuclear Submarine of Indian Navy is Coming


India’s second nuclear-armed submarine INS Aridhaman is now ready for launch and could hit the waves in next six to eight weeks. This induction in the Indian Navy will bring a big difference in its strength.

The Aridhaman, which has been built at the Ship Building Centre in Visakhapatnam, is now making way for the building of even bigger, better, more dynamic and powerful versions of indigenous nuclear Submarines in the future.

India’s fourth ballistic nuclear submarine, S4-Star is planned in the same class with Arihant’s original design. It would also include powerful weapons configuration added into a separate space.

The “final checks are under way. All the three modules have been integrated. It is likely to be launched in late November,” an official source told The Hindu  about the launch Aridhaman. However it was also informed by another source that the Vessel will definitely be launched in December, if could not in November.

The official commission of the machine still has a couple of years, but the submarine will face substantial harbour and sea trials soon after its launch. The presence of feisty Chinese naval in the Indian Ocean has demanded the power to deal with new realities and this indigenous second nuclear submarine will enhance the country’s growing nuclear strength.

INS Arihant, India’s first Ballistic Nuclear Submarine, commissioned in October 2016, is powered by an 83 MW pressurised light water nuclear reactor weighing 6,000 tonnes.


INS Aridhaman being Arihant class is still deadlier as it possess 8 launch tubes instead of the 4 giving her double the firepower of Arihant, making it carry 24 K-15 Sagarika short range SLBMs or 8 K-4 long range SLBMs. It will also have new-generation sensors and periscope added, improving the design of the original ship. Fuel loading in the nuclear reactor for Aridhaman is done early this year, but only after initial sea trials it would go critical.

The fleet is likely to happen on a new naval base called INS Varsha, on India’s Eastern Coast at Rambilli in of Andhra Pradesh. Designed to host nuclear submarines, both SSBNs and SSNs, it is only 50 km away from the port city of Visakhapatnam.

Once Aridhaman is launched, the integration of next Submarine of the same class will begin in Visakhapatnam, construction of which could be finished in about a year, as informed. Scheduled for its launch in 2018, the third one will be of the same as its predecessors, INS Arihant and INS Aridhaman, but will have better and advanced features.

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