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Defencelover’s seeds were sown to do something for the armed forces. Ofcourse, it will not be as much as they do for us, we can only just write our hearts out to motivate the youth so that they will proud to be an Indian. We aim to bring all the concerned citizens together to discuss and vent their hearts out for the people who matter the most, our soldiers.

We publish all kinds of facts and stories about our brave and valiant armed forces in order to inspire everyone to read more about our armed forces. We aim to make everyone aware of how challenging, adventurous and honourable is the life of a soldier.

With the help and valuable guidance of Veterans, we aim to inform the youth about topics pertaining to national security and advice them on getting into the armed forces.

We aim to focus on real heroes, and not on reel heroes because for us only real heroes matter.

If you want to write a guest article, we welcome you with all our heart. You can contact us and submit your precious knowledge to help the aspirants and readers.

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