The Addition Of This Nuclear Missile Will Strengthen The Air Power Of India


India will expand its power of air striking by combining SU-30 with the Brahmos missile. SU-30 has a limit of 1,800 km, while the Brahmos missile can kill the target of some 300 km away. Thus, in the newly revised Su-30, India’s nuclear aircraft will allow a serious blow to the heart of China or Pakistan, Delhi’s two main opponents. India’s nuclear command has started acquiring fighter aircraft equipped with the most advanced, supersonic cruise missile of the country.

SFC (India’s Strategic Forces Command) started receiving 42 Su-30MKI air dominance jet fighters that are equipped with Brahmos supersonic cruise missile. With this, the air striking power of the country will significantly enhance, as per the reports of media.

As per the reports, “Individually, the Su-30 and Brahmos are powerful weapons. Also, the report of Russia and India added, “But when the world’s most capable fourth generation fighter is armed with a uniquely destructive cruise missile, together they are a dramatic force multiplier.”

Sukhoi Su-30 MKI:

It is a combat fighter fourth generation multirole twin seater, maneuverable aircraft which is designed by Russia’s Sukhoi Design Bureau. It is licensed to India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. The capital Delhi is planning g to acquire total of 282 jets and 200 has already bought. It will become Indian Air Force’s backbone through 2020 and beyond.


NPO Mashinostroeyenia of Russia and DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organization) have jointly worked out to build the Brahmos. Brahmos will be world’s fastest cruise missile with the speed of Mach 3.0. For Brahmos, the report of India and Russia says, “The Brahmos’ 3000 km per second speed (faster then a bullet) means it hits the target with a huge amount of kinetic energy. In tests, the Brahmos has often cut warships in half and reduced ground targets to smithereens.”

The report also suggested that “The Sukhoi’s blistering speed with add extra launch momentum to the missile, plus the aircraft’s ability to penetrate hardened air defences means there is a greater chance for the pilot to deliver the missile on to it’s designated targets.”

It’s a plan first hatched back in 2010 when the SFC submitted a proposal for two squadrons of Su-30s to be put under its command. The modified planes will be given to SFC next year in February.  Also, the production of modification of second Su-30 has already begun.

With Brahmos equipped Su-30, India will strengthen its strategic deterrent. Along with it, the testing of Agni-V is already in process. Agni-V is a three-stage solid-fueled intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) having a range of about 5,000 km.

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