An Indian Brigadier Charged For Having An Affair With Colonel’s Wife


On Wednesday, a general court-martial in its decision over an adultery case of a brigadier awarded ‘a 10-year loss of seniority and a severe reprimand’. The Brigadier is found guilty of committing adultery with his senior colonel’s wife during the military trial.

The Brigadier who is found guilty had been continuing his affair when he was posted under the Eastern Command near Siliguri, West Bengal. As soon as, Brigadier’s wife come to know about her husband’s affair with Colonel’s wife, she wrote to the Indian Army.

During an investigation, initially both the guilty party was denying the accusation made on them but later they pleaded guilty in front of a General Courts Martial (GCM) of the Army. The exchange of Whatsapp messages became the base on which they pronounced guilty.

The brigadier who was commanding a crucial infantry brigade will not get any promotion to the next rank of a major general in case if he chooses to be continued in service.

Affair with an another officer’s wife is a court-martial offense. ‘Stealing the affections of a brother’s (another officer) wife’ is a very serious crime and unbecoming conduct in the armed forces. As per the officer, “But the punishment is relatively less in the brigadier’s case because he pleaded guilty to the charges.”


13 charges including adultery, falsifying official documents, violation of good order and military discipline were faced by the brigadier and that proved him guilty. Kolkata-based Eastern Army Command was the place for court-martial.

A major general commanding a mountain division and included six brigadiers were conducted the court-martial against the Brigadier.

Moreover, in recent years too, sex scandals of army personnel came into light. Navy’s two commander-rank officers were found guilty for having an affair. Also, a fighter pilot for having an affair with a senior officer’s wife got punished.

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