30 Armed Militants Show Off Their AK47s In The Kashmir Valley [Video], Army Must Act


The tensions in the Kashmir valley has gone up with a lot of young youth going Burhan Vani’s way. There is no question that they will meet the same end as any other terrorist in the valley. Time and again, the social media has spoiled the youth in the country, and the feeling to carry an AK rifle seems to lure more militants. May be, they fail to understand that the end of all evil is bad. It has been reported that their is rise in the militants¬†over the past few months.

Burhan Vani became a poster boy in the valley, well, he was just a terrorist who got a rifle, but we all know his end. No wonder, the end of all these 30 militants will be same.

As we hear today, about an attack in Kupwara, 1 officer, 1 JCO has lost their lives in a planned attack. We are sure that Indian army will take care of them.

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