Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat Announces Tough Plans for Countering China


Post 1962 Indo-Sino War, now the relations are good but we cannot ignore the attempts of People Liberation Army for targeting and occupying Indian territory, PLA has made several attempts to challenge the strength of Indian Army’s defence establishment in the North Eastern border of India. Still today, Indian Army has foiled unwanted activities like cross-border camping and pro-Chinese campaign in the North-eastern India since China has an approach of acquiring new land and expanding it’s empire. It presents a great threat to the neighbouring nations.

Chinese and Indian government share quite peaceful relations as they did in 1962 but the Chinese back stabbed and Indians weren’t ready and not properly equipped, yet the Indians had given them tough fight but now scenario is changing, possibility of conflict between two major powers of the world seems like a nightmare for the human race but you can’t ignore the possibility that China and India can enter in a war.

Indian troops near Chinese border, 1962

General Bipin Rawat, the Indian Army chief have some plans to overcome any nasty move of China if it ever happens in future. General himself has served for 5/11 Gorkha rifles, the battalion which stood against Chinese army in 1986 face off.  He is an expert in high altitude and mountain warfare. He knows the significance of Ladakh region and expressed his interest in developing those areas because they become isolated due to heavy snowfall and avalanches. Also, the General proposed all-weather connectivity to the region though these announcements will cheer the people of that region and it will significantly increase Indian Military to reach the eastern borders in short time if necessary through tunnels and other ways.

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