Army Man writes a Strong Rebuttal When Author Twinkle Khanna Fails to Understand an Idiom


An army soldier earns his uniform by giving his sweat, blood and soul for the nation. One cannot ever think that the uniform which has the most special place for a soldier will be auctioned some day. It all started when Akshay Kumar tweeted that he will auction the uniform that he wore in Rustom which in reality is a costume which he used to wear, costume or not, it has complete dignity and respect as a naval uniform, any armed forces officer will never sell his pride for money.

Akshay’s tweet met with a lot of flak from his followers and rightfully said, here is an Ex navy officer who tweeted his heart out for the uniform.

And here are some more celebrities who don’t have an iota of thoughts of the armed forces but still want to tweet their support to the auctioning of a navy uniform.

Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat when heard that the uniform is up for an auction, wrote few points for Twinkle Khanna so that she could understand and relate with his thoughts about his uniform.

Lt. Col Sandeep Ahlawat is one of the finest men in uniform that you will know. All of his points do make sense to us. On this, Twinkle Khanna thought bloody nose when a physical attack without even looking at a reputable dictionary and this is her response.

On reading this, Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat wrote a complete and a detailed post explaining what he actually meant. Reading what he wrote, I can only say I stand with him in his thoughts and feel Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar should not think to auction the uniform even if it was a costume, to preserve the sanctity of the uniform. Here goes the latest post by Lt. Col Sandeep Ahlawat.

Dear Ms Twinkle Khanna,

I am a tax paying and law abiding citizen of this great and free country. I lead a non descript and non glamourous life and would not barter it with anything under the sun. You on the other hand are a filmstar/wife of a famous filmstar, entitled, privileged lady who is always riding the high horse. You are also a prolific writer of some repute who has profferd her views on both political and social scene with elan, wit and satire, I had hoped that you will not be sensitive to the use of idiom ‘bloody nose’ which in military speak means to defeat someone/ standing up for what is right/ giving a good fight (you out of sheer arrogance/conceit did not even refer to a dictionary) going forward we will not be surprised if you do not know the meaning of ‘Honour’ and ‘Pride’. Indian soldiers ‘live’ and ‘die’ day in day out by these two words.

Any professional soldier worth his salt will be extremely sensitive and touchy yes….. “touchy” to the wrongful representation of military uniform and regalia. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and our resume on our uniform. After all its a matter of “unlimited liability” and “to the peril of my life”.

Your suddenly playing the ‘woman card’ and ‘bodily harm card’ has been called out and that too by none other than our own countrymen that too at your own twitter feed ( please don’t forget that these people also happen to be your ardent fans/ followers) may that reality check help you to put things in perspective. Ma’am please stop insulting the wisdom of the common man of this new India. India’s common man has become a huge force to reckon with, they are intelligent, they have a view and they voice it with a degree of certitude. I am sure this new found confidence of our common citizenry must be pretty unnerving for celebrities like you who stay in big mansions with glass walls.

Ms Twinkle Khanna, you have broken the law of the land on two counts:-

1. Improper And derogatory use of word “auction” of Original Naval Uniform, which I reassert can’t repeat can’t be commercially sourced by unauthorised people leave alone auctioned.

2. Selling and purchasing of Military uniform (other than from the authorised source ) is a punishable act. God forbid if the highest bidder wears that costume and enters a restricted area.

Being a celebrity does not mean you are above the law of the land or will throw caution to the wind /will not follow the ethos of the most disciplined and professional organisation in the world and yes the moment “victim” and “woman mode” were switched ‘on’ the common sense mode automatically went ‘off’. However you did manage to use your influence and financial might to get on board some presstitutes to peddle the ‘physical violence’ narrative (which never was and can never be part of my small emotional rebuttal. Please refer to the meaning of the idiom ‘bloody nose’ above) but that too was called out by the netizens.

We thought the image of a wife of a martyr standing next to his uniform will tug at your heart. Unfortunately you didn’t get the drift. May be you are made of sterner stuff and are only capable of producing glycerine fuelled tears/emotions . The least we expected from you was an apology for the ill conceived idea which had hurt sentiments of the most loved organisation of the this country….(yes its Indian Armed Forces) as that would have given this whole issue a graceful and dignified closure. Anyways, I wish you loads of luck and truck load of money but please leave the uniformed services alone. Please stop appropriating anything that is Military. Try auctioning your husband’s Filmfare/National awards, you will be able to take forward the noble cause of your NGO. Hope this analogy helps you get the drift.

Ma’am i am not itching for a legal fight but if pushed in the corner I will stand by the “Honour” of each soldier who has ever donned the “UNIFORM” for our motherland. There are enough people in this country who can talk straight and more importantly walk the talk when required.
Warm regards,

A hurt citizen!!

Dear Ms Twinkle Khanna,I am a tax paying and law abiding citizen of this great and free country. I lead a non descript…

Posted by Sandeep Ahlawat on Sunday, April 29, 2018

We stand with the army officer and we wish to spread this to all, an army or naval or any armed forces uniform cannot be auctioned. We request Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna to apologize for even thinking about the same and take back the auctioning. You can tweet to Akshay Kumar and Twinke Khanna for the same if you stand with us.

Jai Hind.

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