Army Officer Tries to Show-off his Star Status, Faces Action from Army


VVIP culture and its show-off is being tried to be abolished by Modi government since the party came to power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been demanding from his officials not to show-off their status. On the other hand, Indian Army is also taking the strict action against its officials indulging in show-off.

Lately, the Indian Army asked a senior officer who has been using his formation’s name on the number plate to put the registration numbers of his official vehicle.

The issue has become exposed when there have been a few instances of an obtrusive show of ‘star status’ by people have been noticed. An episode where a Lieutenant General noticeably showed his ‘three stars’ on a boat at the time of immersing his parents’ ashes in the river Ganges in Allahabad gathered much attention.

An Army officer used his formation name ‘Brahmastra 1’ on the number plate of his car

In the instance of the northeast, an officer of a Mountain Strike Corps had used his formation sign name on his vehicle number plate instead of the registration number of the vehicle and referred it as ‘Brahmastra 1‘.

Noticing the usage of ‘Brahmastra 1’ on the number plate of the officer, an unknown officer clicked a picture of the vehicle and posted it on the social media. The picture became viral on the internet rapidly and started getting harsh and critical comments from junior officers who termed it as “unnecessary show-off”.

A source in the Army said, “The senior officer was later called upon the matter. The officer has agreed to also display the registration numbers of the car on the number plate.”

Image source: Getty image

On the number plate of the three services chiefs’ official cars have the names of their respective services as the Army Chief’s car number plate has ‘Army One’ written on it.

Army commander-rank equivalent officers began using similar plates on their vehicles that the services chiefs started using as their number plate. Also, some of the Corps Commanders started using these number plates along with a prominent display of their stars on the number plate.

A few years prior, a senior officer of Major General rank was condemned on social media after authorities put two stars on his mule while setting off to a high altitude. Officers at times show their star status on their golf carts too.