Army Regimental Centers Destroy Mobile Phones of Trainee Soldiers To Teach Discipline


The breaking of rules will cost to losing in Mobile phones of the recruits in few Army regimental centers. The indiscipline in the Army regimental centers will not be tolerated during the training period and hence it will be cost in losing the mobile phones by the recruits in the Army regimental centers. The centers have taken to publicly destroying cell phones of the trainees in the centers who are caught using phones.

Soldiers smashing mobile phone

This is an uncommon measure to implement discipline on some regimental centers, where recruiters are trained in 11 to 12 months training for passing out as soldiers. Some days before the video of such incident came out to the light.

On Friday, China Global Television Network website has also uploaded this video putting Indian Army and its way to enforce the rule in the bad light. The video shows the mobile phones of 50 recruits of Army being smashed to smithereens with stones in front of their owners. The video belonged to the Mahar Regimental Centre at Saugor in Madhya Pradesh.

Soldiers destroying mobile phones

Army officers while justifying the action for maintaining discipline which has already taken three to four times since the video released in September 2015 said, such abnormal measures are taken if the recruits have repeatedly violated the order that no mobile phone is allowed during physical training, drill and weapon-training classes.

According to a senior officer, “The Army is all about discipline, which is critical in the face of the enemy. Recruits cannot flout discipline with impunity. The recruit is usually let off with a warning at first. Their phones are confiscated for some days if they continue to Disney orders.”

The officer added, “But if all this does not work, then their phones are destroyed as a clear message to them. The Army trains its soldiers for war. If they are allowed the latitude to disobey in peace, they could do the same during the war.”

Recruits whose mobile phones are getting destroyed

As per another officer, “The center has also set up several STD phones for recruits who want to contact their families.”

Applying discipline on the unauthorized use of mobile phones in the forward areas or sensitive establishments is a cause of worry for the army. For example, Major Shikar Thapa had been shot dead by a soldier Naik Kathi after he being scolded for using mobile phones during duty in a forward post near the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.

Recruits whose mobile phones are getting destroyed

However, the Army men are not permitted to use mobile phones with cameras in many of its establishments and units. Also, the instructions have been issued time to time for maintaining cybersecurity.

It’s been a few days when soldiers posted along the Line of Actual Control with China have been asked to format their phones and not to use apps like Truecaller, Weibo, WeChat, UC Browser, UC News, and other Chinese apps.