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Indian Defence Review (IDR), quarterly journal, the brainchild of former captain of the Indian Army, was launched on January 1, 1986 as a logical continuum to Lancer established in 1979, the first Indian publishing house dedicated to put forward the military experience and point of view. Under the professional stewardship of its first two editors, Lt Gen Mathew Thomas (1986) and Maj Gen Afsir Karim (1993), both distinguished paratroopers, IDR began public engagement and national debate on military and security issues, which received immediate attention of the defence establishment, policy makers and national leadership in India. Continuing in this strong tradition and creating a niche, IDR publisher and its third editor, Capt Bharat Verma (1998), succeeded in placing the national security challenges “front and centre” of the public debate. The reins of this reputed Journal have passed into the hands of Lt Gen JS Bajwa (Retired) consequent to the sad and untimely demise of Capt Bharat Verma in July 2014.

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