Who Was Behind The Fake News Of Our Soldier’s death? Pakistan Definitely but Why?


People tend to believe hoaxes so fast and in the past so many death hoaxes have been spread of a lot of celebrities. Yesterday, a hoax spread like wildfire that BSF soldier Tej Bahadur, which was completely fake and all of us thought, it can be true. We had a self thought that our forces can do that, but behind it, it was all fake.

The intentions of this hoax were not good, and definitely the fingers point towards to someone who has no clue of our defence forces. Someone who just hates our reputed forces and can do anything to malign their name. The purpose of this post is that next time, we don’t believe anyone so fast, so much so that it trends on Facebook. We must know who was behind spreading this fake news and later it was known that all of them came from a fake tweet by someone who hates Indian forces and India.

The person behind was someone with a verified account on Twitter, named .

It was clear that this picture was photoshopped because of the difference in skin colour and even the camoflouge.

All of his tweets show that he hates India. According to my personal observation, I know some Pakistanis but they aren’t hate mongers. But this one, surely is. At some point of time, I thought he did in some disbelief but then I checked his Twitter account and all of his tweets were hatred and lies against India. Some of them said-

By his tweets, it’s clear that he is living in past and he still wants to get Kashmir for Pakistan which is logically and by all means, is not possible. He has forgotten that Indian PM has cleared Supreme Court and SC has said Mr Narendra Modi isn’t involved in the riots. However, he has done many tweets.

It’s shocking that this person is a kind of recognized celebrity in Pakistan. If something similar happens in India, it will be all media behind that person for spreading fake news against any country.

It is important to understand the mindset behind this. We Indians, behaved in a gentleman behaviour even with Pakistani soldiers who were killed in Kargil and we made sure that we buried them with full respect according to their tradition. The commander of Kargil tried to find a Mauli for the burial but couldn’t find anyone in Kargil, so the muslim soldiers of Indian army read Surahs by Quran and gave the enemy soldiers perfect burial. But the armchair activists and keyboard warriors, keep tweeting anything to malign others’ forces. Indian Army, BSF or any other forces for that matter respect each other as a soldier.

We as alert Indians, should never believe in any hoax which comes our way, till we are not fully sure because we know even ISIS is hiring people on Twitter and brain-washing them. Let’s be focused on the good and bad things and let’s be alert in the future.

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