33 Best Novels One Must Read On Indian Army


Don’t miss these great novels to know about Indian Army.

1. Param veer- Maj Gen Ian Cardozo

2. Himalyan Blunder- Brig. JP Dalvi

3. The grenadiers- Col R.D Paloskar

4. Fakhr-e-hind- Lt Gen Hanoot Singh

5. Heights of madness- Myra Mcdonald

6. To the last bullet- Vinita Kamte

7. Back from dead- Anuj Dhar

8. Operation Parakram- Lt Gen VK Sood & Praveeb Sawhney

9. Shoor Soorma (aka Shaurya Tejo)- Jaswant Singh & Brig Sooraj

10. Our Armed forces(NBT)- Lt. col Gautam Sharma

11. Pakistan Failed Gamble- Col Anil Shorey

12. A soldiers Diary- Harinder Baweja

13. India’s External Intelligence- Maj Gen VK Singh

14. Bose in Nazi Germany- Romain Hagues

15. The valley of Shadows- Maj Abhay Narayan Sapru

16. His Majesty’s Opponent- Sugata Bose

17. Red coats to Olive Green- Victor Longer

18. Before Memory Fades- Fali S Nariman

19. The India Pakistan war of 1965- SN Prasad & UP Thapiyal

20. Born to dare- S Muthiah

21. Siachen conflict without End- Lt Gen Raghavan

22. India’s Paratroopers- KC Praval

23. A matter of honour- Philip Mason

24. Kargil from Suprise to Victory- General V.P Mallik

25. Leadership In The Indian Army: Biographies Of Twelve Soldiers- Maj Gen V K Singh

26. Despatches from Kargil- Srinjoy Chowdhury

27. Indian Army After Independence- Major K.C. Praval

28. Kargil Revisited- M. Neelamalar

29. Gorkhas Of The Indians Army- Lt. Gen Retd Y. M. Bammi

30. Memorable War Stories- Group Captain Ranbir Singh

31. Indian Army Order of Battle- Richard Rinaldi & Ravi Rikhye

32. The Legendary Gorkhas- K. K. Muktan

33. Grit Guts and Gallantry- Col Mahip


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  2. Some more books which might be of interest to people following this blog:
    PS: I have read first 6 books and they are good. Others and the ones mentioned in the are in my wishlist.
    1. Air Power and Counter Insurgency – Air Commodore A. K. Tiwari
    2. CIA’s Eye On South Asia – Anuj Dhar
    3. India’s Biggest Cover-Up – Anuj Dhar
    4. Operation Blue Star The True Story – Lt Gen K. S. Brar
    5. The Kaoboys of R&AW: Down Memory Lane – B Raman
    6. The Sinking Of INS Khukri – Survivor’s Stories – Maj Gen Ian Cardozo
    7. Courage and Conviction – V. K. Singh
    8. All about The Flag of India – Times of India Time Group Books
    9. Dateline Kargil – Sawant
    10. A Soldier’s General – Gen J J Singh
    11. Asymmetric Warfare In South Asia: The Causes And Consequences Of The Kargil Conflict – Peter R. Lavoy
    12. India, Pakistan and the Secret Jihad: The Covert War in Kashmir, 1947-2004 – Praveen Swami
    13. Victory in Bangladesh – Maj Gen Lachman Singh Lehl

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