Best of Indian Army Ethos- 5 Coursemates of Capt. K C Nongrum, MVC Visited His Parents in Shillong


Indian Army officers (both serving and veterans) of SS64 (NT) course visited the parents of their coursemate Capt Clifford Nongrum Keishing in Shillong. Capt Keshing Clifford Nongrum is the only MVC of their course and of the state of Meghalaya. The idea of visiting his parents came after Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat’s heartfelt tributes to his coursemate Capt Clifford on Facebook went viral. This led to Sandeep and Clifford’s family member getting in touch with each other and the idea took shape. The entire course unimously felt that is the least that they can do for a coursemate who gave up his today for our tomorrow at a very young the age of 24.

Capt K C Nongrum

The officers on behalf of the course presented a banner to Capt Clifford’s parents. The carefully and emotionally worded banner not only celebrates Clifford’s martyrdom also very subtly thanks the Parents of Capt Clifford Nongrum for giving their son for the nation’s cause.This gesture of the officers of course SS-64 (NT) of Officers Training Academy visiting the parents of their coursemate martyred in Op Vijay(Kargil war) is sterling example brotherhood and spirit-de-corp being practiced in India Army. Such a warm gesture by the coursemates of a martyred son of India will go a long way in instilling a belief in the countrymen that looking after the families of our fallen soldiers is a non negotiable tradition/ethos of the Indian Army.

Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat from them had also delivered a motivational talk to the students of St Anthony’s College, Shillong. Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat is a batchmate of Late Capt Keshing Clifford Nongrum MVC. Late Capt Keshing Clifford Nongrum, MVC was an alumnus of St Anthony’s College had shared his desire in March 1999 with his then Principal about motivating the students of his college to join the Indian Army. Capt Clifford’s wish could not materialise as he was martyred in July 1999 during Operation Vijay.

As a very warm gesture and in a tremendous show of spirit-de-core his last wish was fulifilled by his coursemate Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat today when he addressed approximately 600 students of St Anthony’s College. Five other coursemates of Late Capt Clifford (Lt Col S Dalal, Maj V Marchino, Capt SS Gulia, Capt V Jaglan) who had come all the way from Delhi also attended the session. Late Capt Keshing Clifford Nongrum’s parents were also in attendance and were the Guest of honour. Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat urged the students to strive for knowledge and character. He said there were good opportunities for both boys and Girls to join the Indian Army as an officer. He also mentioned the role played by Indian Army in nation building. He explained how Indian Army is the most respected and loved organisation in the Country . The officer also mentioned how all Indian Army officers owes their allegiance only to the Constitution of India and Republic of India.

He also explained opportunities for Girls and how Girls have been doing wonders in the defence forces as well. Besides, the life in the Army draws huge respect among the citizens,” he said, while explaining them the job opportunities in the technical and non-technical wings in the Army. Exhorting the students to put the nation first in their schemes of things, he elaborated upon the types of entry schemes for girls and boys to become a commissioned officers.

This unprecendent gesture of five coursemates coming from all nook and corners of the country and meeting the martyred coursemate’s parents speaks volumes about the ethos if the Indian Army. The words inscribed on banner can make any proud Indian eyes moist. This further cements our faith that Indian Army is in safe hands and we as citizen are in safe hands of Indian Army.

Lt. Col Sandeep Ahlawat can be reached at Facebook here.

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