Bigger And Better INS Aridhaman Is Anticipated For A Closed-Door Launch.


INS Aridhaman, the much talked about nuclear power submarine is all ready for its swift launch next week as reported by the trusted defence ministry sources.

The second Arihant-class submarine is being built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project at the SBC by the Navy at the Ship Building Centre at Vishakhapatnam. The original plan for a big launch at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apparently seen some changes. The top level authorities have now decided a subtle launch of the vessel in presence of Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

INS Arihant, the Navy’s First indigenous 6,000-tonne nuclear submarine, was launched by then PM Manmohan Singh in September 2009 with his wife Gursharan Kaur formally launching the machine. The affair was grand and followed the tradition of the Indian Navy where a woman is supposed to inaugurate a vessel. Though being launched in 2009, it was commissioned last year in October in a quick manner.

In 2017, another influential woman of the country, Defence Minister Sitharaman is expected to launch INS Aridhaman. However, contrary to the previous event, the launch of INS Aridhaman is anticipated to be a small affair with minimal appearances taking place supposedly on 19 or 20th of this month at the Ship Building Centre in Eastern Naval command (ENC), as informed by the sources.

INS Aridhaman is already making news for its astonishing features like its capacity of eight launch tubes in its hump which in turn will help it to carry out long-range missiles of more than 3,000 km making it better in all aspects than its predecessor, INS Arihant. Navy sources said, “It would have double the number of missile hatches than its predecessor. It can carry more missiles and also will have a more powerful reactor.”

The vessel after getting launched would first have to go through an extensive capability fitting in next two years before it could be readied in the waves for sea trials and harbour trials and will only be commissioned by 2020 after it gets absolutely set operations, said Navy sources.

The Navy has high expectations with the launch of INS Aridhaman as it will strengthen the Navy’s nuclear capabilities joining the already present INS Arihant. It is hopeful that the vessel will be a significant add up to give a push to country’s military towards its aim of a credible nuclear triad.

The significance is understandable as the current strength of the Navy holds only 13 conventional submarines. Ten submarines already being over 25 years old, only half of them are operational at present.

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