This bold move of J&K police will make you proud of them


On 6th March, Monday night about 12 militants stormed into the house of a policeman in Shopian, South Kashmir and threatened his family and deface his house and took his family as hostage while he was out on duty, militants threatened them that “if the police didn’t stop damaging property of the families of terrorist and those who give shelter to them, they are going to harm policemen’s families”.

It is not happening for the first time in Kashmir, last year after the assassination of LeT commander Burhan Wani, when separatist accused and named out some police officers, mob stone pelted their houses and they have to face many problems that time police was quiet, but this time J&K police came with a very bold and warrior like statement.

Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid

Jammu & Kashmir Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid said “Militant should realize they have families too and they should take this as a warning and this is between Police and militants, families should not be brought into this conflict. If the police start doing this, what will happen to their families.”

DGP warned the terrorist in very serious tone, such incidents are no more than an easy and fast way of the graveyard for the militants cause the army chief has already said that “Those Kashmiri locals who picked up arms or support the militants will face consequences.” It is very relaxing that two very high ranking officers of two forces are having strict views towards the enemies of the nation.

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