BrahMos Air Version Is Almost Complete and will Make IAF Stronger


India has some abilities which even the most developed nations in the world could only dream of. One such gem in our treasury is BrahMos. It is the currently the fastest cruise missile in the world. Even the US tomahawk missiles can’t reach the level of this beast.

The missile is a joint venture of India and Russia. India has already started exporting the land and naval version of BrahMos. The cruise missile could travel at very low height at supersonic speed and could also carry nuclear warfare. The speed, stealth and precision makes it a lethal weapon for any enemy. The current range of BrahMos is around 290 km.

The Indian army and Indian navy already have BrahMos at their service. It’s time for the Indian air force to add some firepower to their inventory. The air version of the missile is already under trails and has been nicknamed as BrahMos-A.

Indian Air Force would become a formidable force after the inclusion of BrahMos. This is first of a kind technology in the world.

Proposed upgrade of Brahmos

Not only would the air version of brahmos would help India to increase its defence capabilities but it would also increase its exports. Many countries like Argentina have already expressed their willingness to buy the Air variant of BrahMos.

India has always being a net importer of defence equipments. Rather India is the largest defence arms importer in the world. But BrahMos has changed the game for India. India has already started exporting the land and naval version of BrahMos and the Air version would add heavily to Indian defence export.

History has been proof that for world domination one could not depended on defence imports. Export of arms not only helps the economy of the country but also the bilateral relations. After all one could not have bitter relations with the country who is exporting arms to you.

This would take India to one step closer to becoming a superpower. Cheers to Indians who helped us to achieve this milestone.