Brave Afghan Policemen Hugs a Suicide Bomber And Saved Everyone Else


Soldiers save the country not only from external threats but from the internal disturbances. And few of them have a different kind of passion towards their duties. They indulge themselves completely in serving the nation. These soldiers have a daunting and demonstrating spirit that makes us respect them more.

The Recent Incident Proves It Once Again:


Lt. Sayed Basam Pacha, the Afghan policeman sacrificed his life in saving his nation. The policeman lost his life with pride and made his name immortal in the history.

As per the report of New York Times: Lt. Sayed Basam Pacha and his team were on the duty to guard a hall filled with civilians. Along with civilians, many dignitaries were inside the hall and there reach the suicide bomber with an intention to bomb the hall and killed everyone.

Lt. Pacha suspected the bomber and started shooting at him as he was trying to running away. Lt. captured the bomber and hold him around tightly. The bomber immediately exploded explosive vest, hidden under his coat.

Casualty In The Attack:


Basir Mujahed, the spokesperson of Afghan Police said:- 14 people including 7 police officers, 6 civilians and Lt. Pacha sacrificed their lives in the bomb attack.

“There was a little doubt the death toll would have been far higher without the Lt.’s body blunting the blast. He’s a hero, he saved many lives. All seven of those policemen are heroes but especially him. Just think if that suicide attacker got past the gate, what would have happened- you even cannot imagine.”

Source : Reuters

The lieutenant who sacrificed his life was inside the hall but he came outside the hall to check the security and there traced the man with doubtful intention and his hug saved the life of many. The Islamic group took the responsibility.

Hats Off To The Spirit Of Lt. Basam Pacha.

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