British Special Forces SAS Is Hunting Osama Bin Laden’s Son Hamza And Hope to Finish Him

Hamza with his father

Laden is alive, not Osama but his son Hamza Bin Laden. He has become the new face of terror. He is twenty eight right now and is leading the Al-Queda.

The British intelligence has given reports claiming that the young leader of the terrorist organisation planning to avenge his father’s death from the west. He is currently believed to be living somewhere in Syria. He was twenty two when his father was murdered.

The western nations are afraid that he may become the new face of global terrorism. After years of fighting between ISIS, Syrian rebels, Kurdish Forces, Assad and Iraqi government. The Middle East is finally at peace for a short time. The ISIS has almost been wiped out from most its strongholds and it now only limited to some cities where fighting is still going on.

What Hamza must look like now.

There were many reports of death Baghdadi and many denying the same. The infamous leader of the Caliphate has been absent from the map. No signs of him so far. In this vacuum the terrorists are looking for a new leader to guide them and son of the most famous terrorist of all time is the most suitable choice for them.

The west is aware of this and does not want their gains in the Middle East to be lost so easily. HAMZA bin Laden is being hunted by the British Special Forces unit Special Air Service (SAS) after US and UK intelligence officers listed him as one of their most wanted targets. He is now among the top 10 “high-value” targets and being pursued by Coalition forces deployed on Operation Shader.

Mumbai terror attacks

Islamic terrorism has been the biggest threat to the world community since decades now. It has been claiming more innocent lives than any war in the current scenario. India also has been suffering from this disease. Terrorism has paralyzed many Middle Eastern and African countries.

There have been a lot of terrorist attacks on the major cities of the world which shook us all. Mumbai terror attacks are one of the major incidents which most of the Indians could never forget.

Some countries like Pakistan supported it initially supported it against countries as a weapon against other countries, but it is out of their control now. In these perilous times we cannot afford another Laden. And this new hero of terrorism must be eliminated soon.

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