This is How Terrorist Burhan Vani Was Killed By Indian Army- Inside Story


Indian Army has always been fast and alert to finish the terrorists in Kashmir, India. This time the one who was trapped was a poster boy of terrorist organization, Hizbul Mujahideen, the infamous terrorist organization we all know about. He was killed on 8th July, although the plan of his encounter started a lot before.


His encounter is a big blow for Hizbul and a big blow for those who want Aazadi and terrorists sympathizers.

According to a report of Dainik Bhaskar, Burhan Wani entered village with Sartaj Ahmed Shaikh and Pervez. Sartaz’s phone was tapped and all his information was tapped by the forces and his every move was noted.

Rashtriya Rifles and CRPF, India’s Special forces surrounded Sartaj’s house and started firing in the rear of the house and forced the terrorists to come out. The terrorists were armed and in the gunfire, they were shot down.

It was a trap for Sartaj but Wani was also with Sartaj and was a bonus. He was killed and again it was established that Indian army is the best.