Business game plan of India by Brahmos-ER


India successfully test fired the extended range Brahmos, which successfully hit the target at 450 Km. Brahmos is a super-sonic cruise missile can travel at Mach 2.8 and consider one of the best weapons in its class.

After successfully launching the extended variant of Brahmos, India was looking towards exporting the missile but due to restriction of international rules India wasn’t able to export the missiles. India applied for membership of  MCTR, the MTCR was created in order to curb the spread of unmanned delivery systems for nuclear weapons, specifically delivery systems that could carry a payload of 500 kg for a distance of 300 km.

India get the MCTR membership in 2016 which enable the nation to export the recent tested Brahmos-ER variant, It seems like a strategy of India to hide the exact range of the Brahmos revealed it with its true potential when they got the MCTR membership.

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