How can a Doctor in the Indian Army join Parachute Regiment?

Casualty Triage Centre set up by the Indian Army Medical Corps at Kathmandu Air Base to provide aid to the rescued people.

There is a dedicated and highly decorated full fledged Field Hospital in Indian Army which is composed of only paratroopers (each and every trade ranging from Nursing Assistants, Medical Officers, Dental Officers, General Surgeon, Anesthetist to Commanding Officer is a paratrooper) which is part of a para brigade of Indian Army.

Any Indian armed forces doctor(Male/Female) willing to join as paratrooper has to undergo a 28 days para probation at this field hospital.

There are 2 ways to join/volunteer for para probation.

Parachute regiment

1. Every doctor in Indian Army (medical/dental) undergoes MOBC(Medical Officers Basic Course). During the course you are asked to opt for various courses such as paratrooper. Recruiters from this field hospital visit trainee medical officers during MOBC.

Anyone willing to join has to undergo a small physical test(basically a 5 km run with full battle load i.e BPET) during this course, successful candidates are then sent for 28 days of para probation after completion of thier MOBC.

2. You can directly volunteer from whatever unit you are posted to anytime. You have to submit your application to your commanding officer.

Once detailed for para probation, during this 28 days probation you are closely assessed of your physical and mental strength. Once a candidate clears this one of the most challenging courses with high dropout rate….Maroon beret is awarded to successful candidates. Now these sucessfull candidates are sent to para training school for their basic jump training.

Para trained medical officers after completion of basic para course are then sent back to various regular para or para SF units on RMO( regimental medical officer) appointments.

Thats how you earn your wings and maroon berret…..

That’s how a decorated doctor with wings looks like

Maj Surendra Poonia

Here is picture of Major Surinder Poonia, AMC, who had served with Para (SF) and also with President Body Guard (PBG).

Fun fact : First Indian army para commando was a medical officer.

Lt. (later Col.) AG Rangaraj, MVC, of the Indian Medical Service and RMO of the 152 Indian Para battalion, became the first Indian along with Havildar Major Mathura Singh to make a parachute descent.

Lt. (later Col.) AG Rangaraj, MVC

Postal stamp by Indian government to honour services of para field hospital in Korea.

Para field hospital deployed during disaster relief. (Notice maroon beret…from ambulance assistants to surgeon, everyone of them is a paratrooper)

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