What can India do if they get the seat in UN Security Council?

UN Security Council

During the recent visit to the United States of America, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked US President Donald Trump. PM Modi appreciated and showed his gratitude towards the stand of the American president for India regarding the permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

U.S. President Donald Trump supported India's bid for UN Security Council, Source -REUTERS/Carlos Barria
U.S. President Donald Trump supported India’s bid for UN Security Council, Source -REUTERS/Carlos Barria

United Nation Security Council is one of the main six pillars of United Nation with main motive of maintaining international peace and security. UNSC have many jobs to do but ensuring world peace and safety is the key work for which it was formed in 1945.

India is trying hard to get permanent as well as non-permanent membership of the UNSC. US has expressed its support for its strategic partner for a permanent seat in UNSC. UNSC currently has 5 permanent members including China, Russia, France, United Kingdom and the United States of America and 10 non-permanent members. India will be the 6th member of the group.

India is the most favored nation among all the competitors in the race of permanent member. India has the support of G4 Group and several other non-permanent members of the council. All the members of Permanent members of P5 have supported India’s bids for the permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) but China had previously implied that it is only ready to support India’s bid for a permanent seat on United Nations Security Council if India did not associate it’s bid with Japan. In South Asia region only Pakistan is opposing India’s bid.

Countries who support India's bid for UN Security Council. Source-Wikipedia
Countries who support India’s bid for UN Security Council . Source-Wikipedia

Which factors make India’s game stronger in UNSC permanent membership bid?

India is the world largest democracy with 17.7% share of world’s population which is way more preferable situation against China.

  • United Nations had faced various issues in the past in resolving issues at middle-east conflicts. India maintains good relations with all Arabic countries and can play important role in helping UN in middle-east other than China.
  • India is the third largest contributor in UN peacekeeping force with 7000+ troops in the UN Peacekeeping missions around the world, which more than twice as many as the UN’s 5 big powers combined.
  • India has the support of all permanent members along with several European, Asian, Latin American and African nations.
  • India is also a victim of terror and it can take effective measure to eliminate terror in South Asia.


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