How Captain Ayush Yadav Prevented Hundreds Of Casualties But Gave His Life

Capt. Ayush Yadav

Around 4:30 am on Thursday morning, three armed militants were descending down the mountains and were silently walking towards the Army garrison at Panzgam in Kupwara. As usual, the militants tried to cut in the fence, they did the same in Fidayeen attack of Uri. After that, Indian army did a surgical strike against the launch pads in the POK. When they were cutting the fence, the soldier on the duty challenged them. The militants started firing on the guards and rushed towards the living quarters. Capt Ayush Yadav was the man who saved the day for the Indian army.

Capt Ayush Yadav

Captain Ayush Yadav who was fast asleep was woken up by sound of gunfire. He suspected something ¬†and threw his blanket away. Took his AK 47 and in no time was out. The militants were almost near the living quarters. Captain Ayush Yadav charged at the militants and stopped them in their tracks. They were three of them. He was hit with bullets but he held on and didn’t allow the militants to proceed further.

Capt. Ayush assured that the troops get enough time to retaliate and kill the militants. Yadav gave ultimate sacrifice but did not let the militants reach the sleeping soldiers.

“Captain Yadav was martyred while preventing the militants from reaching the living quarters,” said Colonel Surav Joshi after the encounter finished. The soldiers who were guarding the camp fired at the militant and gunfight happened.

Captain Ayush Yadav with his dad

Gunner Rishi Kumar of Field Artillery regiment was the sentry for the night. He observed the terrorists approaching and waited for them to come withing range. He engaged them and was hit by a bullet on the head, but as he said he was only saved by his bullet proof patka. Due to the bullet hitting the patka, he lost his balance and fall down. He again stood up and fired to the terrorists killing both of them.

He ran out of ammunition and moved out of his bunker. He picked up the weapon of the dead terrorist and engaged with the third terrorist. The third terrorist fired on him and managed to escape.

In the gunfight, Captain Ayush Yadav, Subedar Bhoop Singh Gujjar and Naik B Venkata Ramanna were martyred.

The operation lasted for 35 minutes and army was able to prevent militant reaching the living quarters. Thus, saving many who were sleeping.