Why we celebrate Armed Forces Flag Day & how we can Contribute


The Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated on 7th of December every year in India is a day dedicated to raise funds from all around the country as to support the well-being of the Indian Armed Forces Staff. First celebrated in the year 1949, it has become a tradition since then to memorialize this day as a salute to Soldiers, Sailors and airmen of India and tribute to the martyred.

The Flag Day Celebration is one small initiative to bring hope in the lives of those who had sacrificed their lives, health and their present during the wars and violence while protecting the future of the country.

Armed Flag Day is called so because the fund is collected solely by selling the Indian special colorful flags, labels and stickers. It is used for the rehabilitation of the battle-victims and taking care of the helping personnel of Armed Forces and their families.

Objectives of Armed Force Flag Day

The event is intended to garner support and collaboration from Indians in order to:

-To help the ex-servicemen and their relatives.

-To Support the Serving personnel and their relatives.

-To avail the help required by the families of battle victims.

The event and the celebration as it happen

The Indian Armed Forces (Air Force, Army and Navy) organise a variety of traditional and cultural programs for the public in India to show them how guarded they are through plays and activities.

armed forces flag day

Digital Campaign to Increase the Flag Day Fund

An initiative has been taken to make the Armed Forces Flag Day (AFFD) a grand event this year for the country to show their support for their military guardians including disabled ex-servicemen, war widows, families of martyrs and others related on a large scale.

This campaign is one of the major priorities of the Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman getting everything into consideration for a potential effort.

A digital/ social media campaign will viral across Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms from 1-7 December to spread awareness.

This year, the country will also have the options to contribute the fund with UPI Code: [email protected] and PayTM number: 8800462175.

And also the net banking is available at- http://ksb.gov.in/DonateAFFDF.htm

Armed Forces Flag Day Fund Raising and Management-

Being set up by the committee of Defence Minister in 1949, Armed Forces Flag Day Fund was later made the combination of all the related welfare funds (Funds for war bereaved, kendriya sainik board fund, ex-servicemen or serving personnel of armed forces, Flag Day fund, Indian Gorkha ex-servicemen’s welfare fund, war disabled and etc.) in the year 1993 by the Defence Ministry of the country.

Local arms of the Kendriya Sainik Board which is part of the ministry of Defence manage the collection of funds all around the country while it is organized by both official and non-official voluntary organisations.

They do their job for the country; this is country’s chance to reciprocate with a little gesture.

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