China Could Develop Artificial Islands Near India


Tensions between India and china are high after the Doklam standoff. In these perilous times comes another bad news for India and this times its from a close friend. China has been known for their invading mindset and India should stay alert.

The New law in Maldives-

The two giants of Asia have long been competing each other in almost every aspect. India and China the two fastest growing economies of the world and with two of the largest armed forces in the world have been contesting in almost every field. Every country in the world is aware of the budding rivalry between the dragon and the Elephant and always aware of the happenings between these two Asian neighbours.

Maldives which have been long considered a country within Indian influence and which has long remained a loyal friend of India and turned its back to us. The legislatures of Maldives have recently passed a law which allows foreign nationals to hold land in Maldives for an investment of one billion dollar provided that seventy percent of land is reclaimed from the sea.


This law will raise many eyes in India and it will allow the Chinese to not only interfere in the Indian Ocean but also to build bases in the Indian ocean to increase its influence. The law was passed in suspicious conditions, the legislatures passed it within matter of hours and there was no long debate and discussion on it.

China since long has the reputation of intruding the sovereignty of other nations. It has made artificial islands in the south china sea which have been turned into military bases and are now used by the Chinese navy to gain control over the disputed waters of the south china sea.

The Chinese policy of “string of pearls” for India has been known to most Indians and now that there is a chance of militarization and Indian Ocean India is furious about it. While the Indian supremacy in the Indian ocean is hard to challenge because of the Indian the Indian navy which is on its way to become a blue water navy, the Chinese could sure have some leverage if they succeed in making the string of pearls a reality as there would always be Chinese vessels in Indian backyard.

The Indian Ocean is a very important trade route and its control means supremacy over most of the sea routes in the region. India should frame its polices and counter polices for china very carefully and we should take steps while we still have control over most of the waters of the Indian ocean.

We should make it clear to our neighbours that any military involvement of any foreign nation is not acceptable by India.

Indian counter strategies against China-

While India has been actively framing policies to counter china more steps could be taken to deter the Chinese off our waters. India could try to build non military bases in countries like Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia which are also vary of the increasing Chinese influence. Furthermore India could also have its very own One Belt One Road Policy which could connect India to countries like Myanmar, Thailand and indo-Chinese nations of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

This would not only increase Indian influence in the region but it will also help India economically an bring in development in the North-eastern states of India , this in fact will also open tourism in the North-eastern states which have a lot of potential for this sector .

India would have to counter Chinese influence if we have to become a superpower and Naval supremacy if the first step towards it. And in the end I would like to add say that:-

Dragons are imaginary, a work of fiction with no physical form while the elephant is fact real and they roam the jungle.

How India is countering Chinese pearl of strings-

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