China Is Building 8 Submarines For Pakistan To Counter India In The Indian Ocean


To counter India, China is continuously supporting Pakistan in the best possible ways. According to recent updates, China is helping Pakistan in the construction of 8 submarines to give the tough fight to the Indian Navy.

Image source- Wikipedia

As per the report, under project Hangor, the building of submarines has been in progress under the Chinese Shipbuilding industries who will complete it soon and handover to Pakistan. Currently, India has 16 commissioned submarines, on the other side Pakistan has 10 if Pakistan gets these 8 more submarines, it will definitely boost the underwater warfare capabilities of Pakistan.

Image source- France 24

China’s motive seems very clear which is to dominate India by strategic moves. At the border, China is continuously increasing it’s presence by infiltration, defence infrastructure and etc. Now providing support to Pakistan by building submarines will raise threats in the Indian Ocean. Apart from the building of submarines, China has successfully launched two remote sensing satellite for Pakistan to keep a watch on India, as they are working together on the strategic project of $50 billion on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The Satellites PRSS-1 and PakTES-1A have been created by China’s satellite manufacturer ‘China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)’. The PRSS-1 will make Pakistan self-reliant in multi-spectral imaging. The satellite will have multiple practical applications like – Use in Agriculture, Disaster Management, Urban Planning, Weather forecasting and etc. Its successor will play a major role in intelligence gathering, border security, and general surveillance. When the satellite flies over Pakistan, it can send back real-time images, said Zhang Qian, a designer for the data transmission system.

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