China is Building a New Super Tank to Fight in War with India

Xinqingtan ( “New Light Tank”)

Realising the danger it faces from New Delhi. China has begun its preparation to take on the Indian army in the Himalayas. Due difficult terrain and high mountains the Indo-china border is one of the most difficult borders to fight in the world. Heavy artillery and tanks simply cannot reach the frontline. The helicopters are also not capable enough to take them on such high battle fields.

Besides even if they somehow reach the battle zone, they do not prove to be decisive because of less mobility and sometimes becomes a burden then help.

Keeping this in mind both India and china are exploring a new options. And light battle tanks proved to be the best fits for their needs. They could easily climb high mountains and operate in difficult terrain. Even in high elevation points they are operational. Defence lover has already covered the Indian side of the story. You can read it here.

Indian T-90’s

Now let’s look at what Chinese has been preparing.

China recently had the field test of the tank Xinqingtan(“New Light Tank”) in Tibet. Although the Chinese officials said that these tests are not aimed at any nation but anyone can understand what the dragon’s intentions here are. The tanks would give china an upper hand on India in Himalayan region in case of a skirmish. Although light tanks are vulnerable to heavy Indian tanks like T-90 and artillery but the terrain would simply not give any chance of these type confrontations.

Light tanks aren’t really meant to win tank battles or fortified sieges. You win by bringing a light tank to a gunfight—somewhere the enemy isn’t prepared to fight tanks at all.  And the Indian soldiers would not be able to fight these tanks without backup from artillery or cavalry.

Xinqingtan in action

Both the Chinese and the Indian sides are boosting their offensive and defensive capabilities as the threat of confrontations seem eminent. India is not ready to step down this time; it won’t allow china to act as a bully in the region.

India is standing up for nations like Bhutan and Vietnam against the Chinese aggression. And china is not ready to accept the new changed scenario where its power is being checked by another strong power like India.

PLA soldiers

DefenceLover has been covering these developments and trying to bring a very deep understanding for its readers.

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