China cheats India, widens road and 1000 Chinese troops present just 800 metres from Dokalam

Dokalam Road

As we last know, the India and China standoff at Dokalam was called off five weeks back but as it goes nearly 1000 Chinese troops are still present on the plateau, just few hundred metres from the faceoff and Indian soldiers at high alert.

People’s Liberation Army had started moving back but one PLA battalion still stays at the plateau. The battalllion is located just 800 m from the faceoff site. Air Chief B S Dhanoa acknowledged the presence of Chinese soldiers in Chumbi Valley during his press conference.

Indian Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa

When Indian and China agreed to disengage troops from Dokalam, China has still remained ambivalent about their stand on disengagement. China tried to pressurize Indian govt by three sorts of warfare, media warfare attacking through media, physchological warfare with all the Chinese diplomats calling India names and reminding us of 1962 war, lastly they also used legal warfare by showing us old decided agreements but all of them failed as Indian army stood their guard all time.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “In order to meet the needs of defending the borders and improving the living condition, China has long been engaged in infrastructure development, including the roads constructions in Donlang (Doklam) area,”.

The things can escalate and take new turns in the coming time. However, the Indian armed forces is alert.

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