China has Constructed Helipads, Upgraded Roads, has armoured Vehicles at North Doklam


The Doklam Conflict between India and China might have been resolved but the Chinese is quite active in the area. A report in The Print claims that China has almost completely taken control of the northern side of the disputed plateau.

The report by print says that satellite images on 10th December show concrete posts, seven helipads, new trenches and several dozen armoured vehicles close to the point where the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops were locked in a 72-day confrontation last year.

It was also reported in Times of India that around 1600-1800 Chinese troops had virtually established a permanent placement in Doklam, not only that there are two helipads, and upgraded roads in the region.

“These are first images that show the extent of the Chinese deployment at Doklam – and indicate a likely permanent PLA deployment, retaining the capability to construct the contested road at short notice,” as quoted by Print report.

Pic courtesy- Vinayak Bhat/ The Print

It looks like there is a complete one regiment of infantry fighting vehicles and there can be one more regiment under the camouflaged net.

There is also a very tall observation tower at least two storey high, constructed with concrete and just 10 metres away from the most forward trench occupied by the Indian army. The entire movement of the Indian Army beyond Kupup can also be very clearly observed by the PLA.”

“At least seven new helipads have been constructed with permanent cemented round bases. The diameter of the helipads is 25 metres, suggesting that the largest helicopters in the PLA inventory will be able to land here,” the report says.

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