China has Crossed all the limits of inhumanity, their new move is terrifying!


With all the tension at the standoff, plunging stones and the racist video, China has been losing its rage to all things inhumane until this time when they have crossed all limits. China has now taken up a new move and it is outrageous.

India is facing tons of floods and hundreds of people have sacrificed their lives surviving. Thousands of animals fell into the flood of death but how? Is this flood made in cities and villages in India or is the dragon behind it?

Flooded banks of Ganga River in Allahabad.

Is China planning to take a revenge like this?

China’s policy has to be questioned because China might have made a master plan this time. This time China has not shared any data of the water levels of the rivers coming from India. This might be a reason why the Indian rivers are at the boom. The devastating floods are being considered as a big move to China.

Rivers in India and China

The Ministry of External Affairs said, “Despite the agreement, we did not get water related data from China.”

This incident has surfaced in a time when there is a standoff between China and Indian troops in the Sikkim Sector Dokalam. On being asked about the present situation of Dokalam, the spokesman said that this is a sensitive issue.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar said, “We will continue to discuss with China so that acceptable solutions can be solved. Peace and stability on the border are a common need for better bilateral relations.”

China did not give any information about the water in these two rivers. Maybe, it’s time for a water war.

Source: Punjab Kesari