China Developed Non-Lethal ZKZM-500 Flesh-Burning Laser Assault Rifle


The handheld weapon that could target from a larger distance which was just a science fiction has turned into reality. The USA announced many projects in past to develop low lethal laser weapon but never accomplished it.

According to South China Morning Post, China has developed a new laser weapon that can target from a kilometre away.


The exterior design of ZKZM- 500 laser weapon.

The ZKZM- 500 Laser ‘non-lethal’ assault rifle is 15 mm calibre weapon which weighs 3 kg (6.6 lb) and can target from 800 meters. This rechargeable lithium battery pack can fire more than 1000 shots that will last for two seconds. It produces an energy beam which is invisible through naked eyes and produces no sound leaving the victim confused about the direction of the attacker. Its beam is so powerful that it can cause the instant carbonisation of human skin and tissues leaving a permanent scar and pain will be unbearable.


Actually, this prototype was built by a technology company ZKZM laser which is situated in Xian.  According to the Spokesperson of the company, they are looking for partner in security or defence industry or has weapon production license to start large scale production of weapons. It is estimated to cost around US $15,000.

Who can use 

As this technology is new and very sensitive to misuse, it will be confined to China’s military and police to nab the clever burglars and the anti-terrorism squad as soon as its first unit is ready.


US government lodged a complaint against China that a “weapon grade” laser device has left minor eye injuries of their military pilot which is believed to be fired from Djibouti Naval base. US forces operating in the Indian Ocean and the South China sea also earlier complaint to be a victim of laser attack from Chinese bases.


The UN Protocol on Binding laser weapons which were introduced in 1980 and has been signed by 108 nations prohibits the use of those weapons that can make victim permanently blind and mainly focus on earlier generation weapons.

Its development and increase in number fear the scientists to fall in hands of terrorists and criminals that can create trouble for many nations putting humanity in danger.