China Feels that it will be attacked by India, if China-Taiwan War Happens


The Doklam stand-off which engaged the troops of India and China regarding the disputed border shared by India, China and Bhutan has started to become low key in the chilling winter. The 73-day stand-off started on June 16th of this year concerning an eastward extension of Himalayan range territory claimed by both China and Bhutan.

Beijing and New Delhi endeavored to ceasefire on the intense situation and rationally decided to avoid ruinous clash which may be disastrous to both parties, however the nationalist sentiments were already disturbed then in both the countries.


Due to the frosty weather condition on the plateau, both sides have taken a back but the conflict still exist, just developing under covers.

New Delhi had clear reasons to keep the national security in mind. The fortification attempted by Beijing on border area and later actions of widening a road For the People’s Liberation Army that further incite the tension had put the security of India at risk. Doklam is close to the Siliguri Corridor, aka the Chicken’s Neck, a vital strip just 27 kilometers wide which in turn links its eastern states to the rest of India.

Apart from military buildup in Tibet, Beijing has other intentions related to Taiwan as well. Andrei Chang, a Hong Kong based military commentator noted in a column about Beijing’s concern.

Apparently Beijing is anxious about India’s reaction if it sends troops in the southeast direction to reclaim Taiwan. They are worried that India might “stab in the back” if the Island declare independence.


If New Delhi makes use of the opportunity to pick a fight on the Chinese border against its inimical Beijing, then PLA would have to face two wars.

Chang informed that PLA’s regular exercise routines is 80% about the practices for the sea, air attacks and ground tactics to reclaim Taiwan and defend the actions of United States and its Asian allies. The remaining 20% however is equipped for any likely conflicts with India in difficult high-altitude atmosphere.

The regiments who patrol the Indian-Tibetan border had to go through a test drill on a rocky plateau last month. The PLA’s Western Theatre Command was being checked upon for the soldiers’ readiness during the freezing weather conditions in case of a war, as reported by PLA Daily.

Still having trust issues over one another, China (Beijing) and New Delhi consider each other a threat to border security.

The Doklam plateau area has become a pile of military and ammunition while New Delhi is all set to deploy more guided missiles along the border if Beijing again tries to widen the road next year in spring.

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