China Has Hand in Poisoning Siang River, Reports Prove


The lifeline of Arunachal Pradesh, the Siang river has been turning black and poisonous and the deputy commissioner of East Siang district, Tamyo Tatak suspected China in the contamination of the river. Earlier, in a statement, he showed his concern and also suspected the hand of China in polluting the river.

The fear of the hand of China in contaminating the river’s water was in the minds of the official and now amid fears, China’s hand is proven. The claim has been made by Times Now after accessing the laboratory reports that show there might be a sinister plot of China.

Siang river

The Siang river enters Indian state Assam through Arunachal Pradesh and originated in southern Tibet to become Brahmaputra river. The Congress MP Ninong Ering had already written a letter to PM stating the phenomenon of unusual change in the color of the river. The letter stated that it is China who is responsible for this phenomenon as China is constructing a tunnel of 600-km to divert the water of Siang river to the Taklamakan desert through Xinjiang province.

However, China refuted this claim and its part in poisoning the river water of Siang.

Muddy water of Siang

But, now results of the laboratory tests have claimed that the water of Brahmaputra river is unfit for human consumption. The samples on which test was performed contained heavy cement type content in it.

Also, Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, for entire 2017, China has not disclosed the hydrological data of Brahmaputra and it is a matter of concern.

Meanwhile, now the reports of the test revealed that turbidity level is 482 NTU against a permissible limit of 0-5. The level of iron is also high at 1.6.

According to scientists at State Water Quality Testing Laboratory, a high iron level is common in groundwater but uncommon in the surface of the river. Scientists fear that some deep mining or excavation work may be due to this unusual change in river water in the area above the river.

Congress MP Ninong Ering

The Congress MP Ering in his letter to PM stated that “After these reports appeared, the water of the river Siang has turned muddy and slushy. It has been two months since the Siang turned black and contaminated. It is an unusual phenomenon.

The reason for the river getting dirty is unknown. I have already put up questions for discussion in Parliament under rule 377. But since the House is not in session, I am requesting you to use your good office to seek the reason for the river turning muddy in this season, when the water is usually crystal clear.”

Some other reports also suggested that the water is no more usable.