China increases its troops near Dokalam, Situation Again becoming Tense


The Dokalam stand-off continued for more than two months where Chinese and Indian troops were just a 150 metres apart and it finally came to India with Beijing and Delhi’s conversation and troops were disenegaged. However, the news is coming in, it still seems that it is free from getting over. The tension between both the armies across the Indo-China border has become evident after Chinese troops retained their substantial presence near the site of stand-off.

This current situation between the nations could intensify further as India is rightly concerned over the gradual extending of Chinese troops in the Dokalam Plateau, as reported by Economic Times.

Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa, in a press conference, also indicated to the underlying tension due to the presence of Chinese forces in the Chumbi Valley in the Dokalam Plateau.

Dhanoa said, “The two sides are not in a physical face-off as we speak. However, their forces in Chumbi Valley are still deployed and I expect them to withdraw as their exercise in the area gets over.”

The dispute concerns a territory which is claimed by both China as well as India’s ally Bhutan and the country supports Thimphu(capital of Bhutan) staunchly as the friendship has stood always since many decades.

On June 16th of this year, started a 73-day stand-off between the troops of India and China after India interrupted the Chinese army of building a road in the disputed area of Dokalam with Bhutan.

Doklam stand-off: Bhutan welcomes disengagement understanding by India, China. via

On 28 August, both India and China announced that they had withdrawn all their troops from the face-off site in Doklam. Bhutan has had India in its Support all along the course much to the displeasure of Beijing.

Days after the conclusion of the face-off, Army Chief Bipin Rawat said China has started “flexing its muscles” and expressed the possibility of the situation in India’s Northern border to grow into a larger conflict.

Sources have informed that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has increased the number of troops on its forward posts in Yatung. Chinese troops being deployed in Dokalam Plateau leaves the area during winters, though the same is unlikely to happen this time according to the reports.